Why in BFPRT (median of medians) algorithm the partition of the array by $7$ blocks would work but with the $3$ fail?

I am working with the median-median algorithm or BFPRT algorithm and I seek to understand why would the partition of the array by $ 7$ blocks would work but with the $ 3$ fail?

If we divide into blocks of $ 7$ then we will get: Solving it by substitution I think the following manner: It is a recursive tree. In the worst case it takes $ T(10n/14)$ time. So in the worst case it goes down to the bottom by $ (10/14)^kn=1$ steps; $ k=log_{14/10}n$ . At each level of recursive tree the total cost is $ \le cn$ for some constant $ c$ . So by the simplified assumptions using substitution $ k < n$ $ T(n)\le dn \log(n)$

$ T(n) \le T(n / 7) + T(10n / 14) + O(n) \le d\frac{n}{7}lg(n/7)+d\frac{10n}{14}lg(10n/14)+cn \le d(\frac{n}{7}lgn – \frac{n}{7}lg7) + d(\frac{10n}{14}lgn – \frac{10n}{14}lg10/14) + cn = d\frac{12n}{14}lgn – d\frac{n}{7}lg7 – d\frac{10n}{14}lg\frac{10}{14} + cn=d\frac{12n}{14}lgn – d\frac{n}{7}lg7 – d\frac{10n}{14}lg10 – d\frac{10n}{14}lg14 + cn \le d\frac{12n}{14}lgn + cn$

So, $ T(n) = O(nlgn)$

The same way for blocks of size $ 3$ .

$ T(n) \le T(n / 3) + T(2n / 3) + O(n)$ we get $ T(n) = O(nlgn)$

Now, how to show that $ T(n)$ for 7 is also $ O(n)$ and for 3 it can not be $ O(n)$ . Also, in general how can I guess that the $ T(n)$ is also $ O(n)$ because here in both cases my thoughts are they both $ O(nlogn)$ ?

im trying to create a new user but it dosent work

Adding user `charlie' ... Adding new group `charlie' (1002) ... Adding new user `charlie' (1001) with group `charlie' ... Creating home directory `/home/charlie' ... Stopped: chown 1001:1002 /home/charlie: Invalid argument  Removing directory `/home/charlie' ... Removing user `charlie' ... Removing group `charlie' ... groupdel: group 'charlie' does not exist adduser: `groupdel charlie' returned error code 6. Exiting. 

how do I fix this?

How to Make Necromancers work in 5e?

By and large, conjurers/summoners/any ability to summon minions in 5e has been borked to heck and back. This, to me, is in large part due to the action economy – more often than not, the side with the most actions will be able to win out over the side that has the least, overcoming level or power disparity in the process.

Necromancer also sucks in 5e. The amount of spell slots required to maintain control of a small squadron of skeletons is not worth the hassle in exchange for resources expended. In our Westmarches server, one of our DMs volunteered to homebrew a separate Necromancer class based on innate ability and either Dawnforged or Taking20’s XP-based minion system. I would like to know your opinions on the balancing of making this minion-based class work in 5e.

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14itSfj-_McBD2BOnpTBtAXAIxMoS5ALDh2bNw0Ms97I/edit?usp=sharing

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B250 Mining Mobo with 8 RX580 – does not work

I am trying to set a mining rig of eight RX580 using Ubuntu 18.04, Claymore 15, Mobo B250

If I use nomodeset in grub. Claymore cannnot detect the GPUs, Opencl headers, then I cannot use Claymore despite Ubuntu boot and run the system.

If I use 6 GPUs. the system boot ok and I can use all the six GPUs for mining. but any addition, the boot is not done adequately and it not let me access to the system.

I have used immo=soft, ipc=noaer but the same result. I have change BIOS settings and same.

Looking forward for any guide or help,



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java program wont work [on hold]

import javax.swing.JOptionPane; class A1Q2 { public static void main(String[] args) { double PI = 3.0; double radius = 0.0; double area = 0.0; double circumference = 0.0;

area = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(“Enter the radius of a circle to calculate the area”); radius = Double.parseDouble(radius); area = Math.pow(2, radius) * PI; JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, “The area of the circle is + area”); circumference = Math.sqrt(area / PI) * PI * 2; JOptionPane.showmessagedialog(null, “The circumference of the circle is + circumference”);

System.out.println(“End of Processing…”); } }

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