Box2D simulation doesn’t work

I previously used Box2D and it always worked fine until recently I decided to test how it would work in my custom 2D game engine, I just wanted to test the physics updates without any GUI interaction, as you can see in the below code I just try to print the plain position values of the dynamic body and it just doesn’t move. All it does is print the initialisation position I set in the initialiser, afaik all I’m trying to do it print the values in a simple loop that runs more than 60 times per frame, the box2d code doesn’t interact with the rendering in anyway. IDK what’s wrong with box 2d to run fine in a simple loop. I’m really confused why the simulation isn’t happening. Let me know if you need more info about anything.


 #include <fireworks/fireworks.h>  #include <box2d/box2d.h>  using namespace fireworks;  class FreeFall : public Fireworks { private:     Window*         m_Window;     Layer*          defaultLayer;      b2Vec2          m_Gravity;     const double    m_PhysicsTimeStep = 1.0f / 60.0f;     unsigned int    m_VelocityIterations;     unsigned int    m_PositionIterations; public:     b2World* world;      b2BodyDef       groundBodyDef;     b2Body*         groundBody;     b2PolygonShape  groundShape;     b2FixtureDef    groundFixtureDef;      b2BodyDef       dynBoxBodyDef;     b2Body*         dynBoxBody;     b2PolygonShape  dynBoxShape;     b2FixtureDef    dynBoxFixtureDef;      Sprite*         ground;     Sprite*         dynBox; public:     FreeFall()         : m_Gravity(b2Vec2(0.0f, -29.81f)), m_VelocityIterations(6), m_PositionIterations(2)     {         world = new b2World(m_Gravity);         // Static ground body         groundBodyDef.position.Set(0.0f, -10.0f);         groundBody = world->CreateBody(&groundBodyDef);         groundShape.SetAsBox(20.0f, 4.0f);         groundFixtureDef.shape = &groundShape;         groundFixtureDef.density = 1.0f;         groundFixtureDef.friction = 0.3f;         groundBody->CreateFixture(&groundFixtureDef);          // Dynamic simulation box         dynBoxBodyDef.type = b2_dynamicBody;         dynBoxBodyDef.position.Set(-1.0f, 4.0f);         dynBoxBody = world->CreateBody(&dynBoxBodyDef);         dynBoxShape.SetAsBox(2.0f, 2.0f);         dynBoxFixtureDef.shape = &dynBoxShape;         groundFixtureDef.density = 1.5f;         dynBoxFixtureDef.friction = 0.25f;         dynBoxBody->CreateFixture(&dynBoxFixtureDef);     }      ~FreeFall()     {         delete defaultLayer;         delete world;     }      // Runs once per initialisation     void init() override     {         m_Window = createWindow("Freefall physics sim", 800, 600);         glClearColor(0.8, 0.8f, 0.2f, 1.0f);               }     // Runs once per second     void tick() override { }      // Runs 60 times per second     void update() override { }      // Runs as fast as possible     void render() override     {         //Physics Update         world->Step(m_PhysicsTimeStep, m_VelocityIterations, m_PositionIterations);         b2Vec2 dynPos = dynBoxBody->GetPosition();         std::cout << "dynnamic Box2d Box position X : " << dynPos.x << " and Y is : " << dynPos.y << std::endl;     } }; 


#include "physics-sims/Freefall.h"  int main() {     FreeFall game;     game.start();     return 0; } 

This is the output I get : dynnamic Box2d Box position X : -1 and Y is : 4 for as long as the loop runs, this is soo infuriating, IDK what’s breaking what.

how to make my custom gallery work in wordpress

So am creating a custom theme in WordPress and looking to achieve this enter image description here

I was able to output my category but not too sure how to output the remaining information. As you can see from the image below for each category there is a recent blog post on the left and then other blog post in the same category on the right.

Below is my code please advise what am doing wrong.

<?php  global $  post;     $  args = array(        'posts_per_page' => 4,        'post_type'     => 'post',        'orderby' => 'ASC',                );                        $  query = new WP_Query($  args);             while($  query->have_posts()): $  query->the_post();             $  taxonomy = 'category';             $  term = wp_get_post_terms($  post->ID, $  taxonomy);             ?>                                                 <!-- Left Details Caption -->                                         <div class="col-xl-6 col-lg-12">                                             <div class="whats-news-single mb-40 mb-40">                                                 <div class="whates-img">                                                     <?php the_post_thumbnail('small');?>                                                 </div>                                                 <div class="whates-caption">                                                     <h4><a href="latest_news.html"><?php the_title();?></a></h4>                                                     <span>by <?php the_author();?>   -   <?php echo esc_html(get_the_date()); ?></span>                                                     <p><?php the_excerpt();?></p>                                                 </div>                                             </div>                                         </div>                                           <!-- Right single caption -->                                          <div class="col-xl-6 col-lg-12">                                             <div class="row">                                                 <!-- single -->                                                 <div class="col-xl-12 col-lg-6 col-md-6 col-sm-10">                                                     <div class="whats-right-single mb-20">                                                         <div class="whats-right-img">                                                         <?php the_post_thumbnail('small');?>                                                         </div>                                                         <div class="whats-right-cap">                                     <?php if ($  term && !is_wp_error($  term)) :?>                                         <?php foreach ($  term as $  serv_terms) :?>                                                             <span class="colorb"><?php echo $  serv_terms->name;?></span>                                         <?php endforeach; endif;?>                                                             <h4><a href="<?php the_permalink();?>"><?php the_title();?></a></h4>                                                             <p><?php echo esc_html(get_the_date()); ?></p>                                                          </div>                                                     </div>                                                 </div>                                                                                          </div>                                         </div>                          <?php endwhile; wp_reset_postdata();?> 

How does Olidamara’s Bard Spell work?

I’m currently in the process of compiling entry options for the Zhentarim Skymage prestige class. I found a spell that almost certainly allows any divine caster to qualify, but it’s asked more questions than it’s answered. First i should preface this with the actual spell and what it does so the issue is more clear. The spell Olidamara’s Bard Spell (Dragon 342 Pg 42) is a second level spell available to any character that takes the Initiate of Olidamara feat that allows the caster to prepare up to three levels worth of bard spells. This meets my needs because all of the spells required to enter the PrC i mentioned are third level or lower spells on the bard’s list.

However, there’s a problem. The spell is extremely vague as to how it works. It doesn’t specify that you prepare these spells in other slots, and ever other spell with a similar effect, namely Anyspell. prepares them in the slot used to cast the spell. This effectively would allow you to prepare a third level spell in a second level slot if it works this way. I had originally assumed that this spell let you expend a second level spell to prepare a limited number of bard spells in other slots, but I’ve seen enough people claiming that this isn’t how it works that i’m not sure.

Assuming it does work the same way i assumed it does, that still raises questions. Does a cleric need to cast the spell while preparing spells because of how their standard preparation rules work or can you leave slots unfilled and later fill them by casting the spell? Can a Favored Soul or other spontaneous divine caster use the spell to prepare bard spells in their normal slots in a similar way to how Arcane Preparation works?

How does the action economy for a hasted Fighter using action surge work in DND 5e?

My player’s fighter has just reached 11th level, He duel wields Scimitars. On his normal attack action, he gets 3 attacks plus one additional attack for his bonus action.

If he then decides to use Action surge, on the same turn he is then receiving three additional attacks. As I understand it; action surge does not grant a second bonus action is that correct?

SO if he also happens to be hasted does he get 3 more additional attacks or just 1 additional attack? Haste states that he gets another "action" and as the multi-attack class feature applies would I be correct in my interpretation that he would indeed get 10 attacks that round in 6 seconds?

As a contractor how do I work on multiple client networks without data leakage?

I am a contractor who does development for more than one client. Let’s call them Client A, Client B, and Client X.
I use my own laptop for all 3 clients.
Throughout the day, I have to work on and respond to emails and instant messages about projects for all 3 clients.
In order to work on Client X’s project, I must be connected to their VPN.
Client X performs SSL deep inspection on the traffic on their network. (I get errors from sites/apps that enforce key pinning)

I’m worried that information about Client A and Client B, (not to mention my own sensitive information) might be exposed to Client X. How can I prevent this, but still maintain my ability to communicate with A and B while working on X’s network?

I’ve tried giving each client its own VM on my machine, but the hefty resource requirements of the software I have to use (IDE) makes this prohibitively slow, to say nothing of the licensing difficulties.

Does sovereign glue work underwater?

I stumbled across an incredibly vicious trap. (Seriously, whoever came up with this, they need help)

In the bottom of a well contains water 20 feet deep. At the very bottom of the well, a sword sticks out of a pile of debris, hilt up. Scattered across the floor of the well are piles of bones. If a character tries to grab the hilt of the sword, they find that the hilt is covered with Sovereign Glue. To pull themselves free from the sword, stuck in the bottom of the well requires a DC Strength Check…

My question is, is there any source that says that Sovereign Glue would dissolve in water or any other liquid? Would this substance work as the trap is written?

Does Slashing Flourish work with Fancy Footwork?

The Fancy Footwork feature of the swashbuckler rogue says:

At 3rd level, during your turn, if you make a melee attack against a creature, that creature can’t make opportunity attacks against you for the rest of your turn.

The bardic College of Swords slashing flourish feature says:

You can expend one use of your Bardic Inspiration to cause the weapon to deal extra damage to the target you hit and to any other creature of your choice that you can see within 5 feet of you. The damage equals the number you roll on the Bardic Inspiration die.

If I use the slashing flourish attack and hit 4 other creatures around me with it, does fancy footwork affect all of them so they cannot make opportunity attacks against me?