SharePoint 2013 – need workflow approval generate 3 emails when approvor select one of the 3 status

Hello Folks I have created SharePoint 2013 form wiht SP Designer 2013 and now I would like to create a workflow. I have done a workflow to inform the approvor that new item need to be review. My requirements are based on the approvor decision about he will Approved, Rejected or Need more information status selection. When he selects one of the previous status, the workflow status will be updated like below: If the status is approved: workflow status = Approved – Email will pick the documents attached into the form and will be sent to dedicate contacts If the status is rejected: workflow status = Rejected – Email will pick from the approval form the text about why and will be sent to dedicate contacts If the status is Need more info: wokflow status = Pending Need more info – Email will pick text comment about why and the email will be sent to dedicate contacts with the link to add additional missing information – when the contact will provide additional info, a new mail will tell approvor that new approval action is required

How I do that with SP designer tool? Because the things I saw in SP Designer, are limited to 2 status “Approved/Rejected” and even if I add others status, the email will only be generate for the Approved and Rejected. not for others status. I don’t have technical skills or deep knowledged thanks for your support and helping

2013 Workflow not recognizing conditions and only updating first record

I have a very weird situation where I have three conditions that need to be met before the workflow should update another list with matching fields. The workflow fires but is updating only the first item in the list that doesn’t match the conditions.

  1. If Segment = CurrentItem:Segment
  2. If Modality = CurrentItem:Modality
  3. If KPI = CurrentItem:KPI

Update Target and Update Actual.

It is only updating the first record and not even recognizing the conditions.

I am not able to get 2010 Workflows to even show an change.. I think there is still a bug with Microsoft.

I would appreciate any help.


The workflow could not create the list item. Make sure the list exists and the user has permissions to add items to the list

I am working on a Sharepoint Online environment. I have a 2013 Main Workflow running sub 2010 workflows. Let me set this straight: everything worked properly until today. I never saw this error before, and I am finding the waste of time trying to search online as to what this generic stupid error could really mean extra-annoying.

The main workflow is being accessed as supposed to, the history logging is being done properly in this first stage. Once the sub workflow is accessed, immediately the error is logged in the history list. And when I say immediately, I mean immediately, the first command is not even done. (In fact Status is saying: Failed on start)


Failed on start (retrying) 


The workflow could not create the list item. Make sure the list exists and the user has permissions to add items to the list 


Unknown error 

The thing is, the ‘Create item’ command in the sub workflow, comes after the Sub workflow would supposedly have already created 2 history logs. These are nowhere to be seen in the history list: I only see the error. So Sharepoint is telling me that the item could not be added because: the list may not exist, or the user may not have permissions, BUT the flow would not have reached that point, as no logs are actually surpassed! Nice one Sharepoint :’)

I changed the permissions of the client experiencing this issue to be global admin, but it didn’t solve the problem. I am trying to run them from my account but still: same problem.

I found somewhere that the problem could be with cache, but I cannot seem to find from where I can reset it. Besides, having to reset the cache because of this idiotic problem. to me, really makes no sense.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

UPDATE: The workflow is working properly on previously created list items. The issue is happening on newly created list items. Other workflows are working properly too: for example, I have a workflow which runs automatically on creation/update and it’s working as supposed to.

How to Send email reminder to Assignee’s every Sunday if Item status In-progress or not started Using Nintex Workflow 2013?

First of all thank you so much for all the help & guidance provided in these communities. It is really very helpful for beginner kind of me. I’m totally new in Nintex Workflow development please help me and share some step by step logic blog/link how to achieve this task. Here is my business logic.

We want scheduler alert email notification to all task assignee’s for weekly (start every Sunday in the morning).

We have a SharePoint 2013 on-perm custom list, based on the item status in-progress or not started. we want this reminder until the task status will not change is completed.

Thanks in Advanced.

Unable to update people picker field by default share point approval workflow

I have document library in SharePoint 2013 environment, content approval is on. and I have copied the default SharePoint 2010 approval workflow and added one action to update the custom approver field once approval task is approved.

For first time if approver approves the task the WF will successfully update the approver field and the document gets its major version. When user tries to update the approved document and again requests for approval, this time when approver approves the task, the workflow through below error with with outcome as unknown error. the document continues to be in pending sate ever.

Error: “The workflow could not update the item, possibly because one or more columns for the item require a different type of information.”

Please help me on this.Thanks.

How to capture data using an initiation form of a Workflow (Manual Start) to populate some fields on a SharePoint List

I have a workflow which is set to manual start in SharePoint 2013. What it does is it populate fields in another list that I made when the workflow starts.

The workflow gets data from the calendar list (Start time, Meeting name etc.) and the person’s user name.

However, I need to also get the user’s mobile number and employee number which needs to be entered by the user manually since it’s not part of their user info.

I’m trying to capture this information using the initiation form that is attached to the workflow by connecting the initiation form to the list by editing it through InfoPath.

I tried several walkthroughs that I found online but none of them works. Can someone please help me and point me to the right direction.