SharePoint Workflow Reminder

I am receiving an email reminder from somewhere in SharePoint (I think) regards to a particular list in SharePoint 2013, I have checked the list and there is no Workflow designed or configured for that particular list. the email is coming from enter image description here

I have opened the list with SharePoint designer and there is nothing there too, where would be other location that I need to check? Regards

Error while assigning item level permission using SP 2010 Workflow

I am using SP 2010 environment and have created on designer workflow for setting the item level permission.Each item has a string field in the list with values as “SPGroupName1;SPgroupName2;SPgroupName3” I want to provide unique permissions to above mentioned groups. While assigning this complete string workflow throws error while running.

Please guide me on this.


SharePoint Online workflow create folder using rest in custom list

I want to create folder in custom list using SharePoint 2013 workflow platform. I am able to create folder in document library using below URL


but same REST API not working for custom list for creation of folder.

Can anyone help me with this?

2010 workflow to send email on one field change keeps sending on any field change

I have a 2010 SharePoint workflow that is set to start when an item is changed. Within the workflow, I have logic that is testing to see if a specific field changed and if so, send an email. I am doing this by storing the “before” value in a hidden field, comparing it to the new value and if they aren’t equal, send the email. The problem is that the email is being sent even when this field isn’t changing. I can’t figure out why. I’ve moved some logic around in the workflow, thinking that might be the cause, but it hasn’t fixed the problem. I’ve confirmed that both the hidden field and the specific field values are the same. Then I edit the item using a form, keeping the specific field the same but editing another field and the email is still being sent. Below is a snapshot.


2013 Workflow Limit Concurrent Workflows

I am looking for a way to keep my Workflow Manager working while there are active 2013 Workflows. I assume I need to lower the number of concurrently running 2013 Workflows, but I’m open to other suggestions. Can anyone help?

On my Farm, there are long running 2013 Workflows. There are periods of no use, followed by ~5-20 being started almost simultaneously. Starting so many Workflows, at once, causes a problem. The Workflows need information from the same list, they block each other, then they go into a suspended state, and they continue ~5 minutes later. This pattern repeats until all the Workflows finish. I can see that the Server, my Workflow Manager is on, is at 100% CPU for a few minutes with ~5 minutes of no activity, while the Workflows are not finished.

I found this command but this appears to be for 2010 Workflows:

Set-SPFarmConfig –WorkflowPostponeThreshold 1 

Preventing a SharePoint workflow from triggering every time I upload a new list item attachment?

I have a list in SharePoint where users can add requests, assign it to a user, and a workflow runs in the background to notify the user via email when something has been assigned to them.

Unfortunately we’ve had issues with MS Flow recently, so I was forced to build the workflow initially using SharePoint Designer (although I believe the principles should still be the same). So apologies for appearing old fashioned here.

SharePoint is very awkward when it comes to workflows that trigger only when a single field is changed and not the entire list item. Here is a screenshot of what I have in place, essentially it will only send an email if the ‘assigned to’ field has changed to a new person’s name. The workflow triggers every time the list item is modified.

enter image description here

This workflow works pretty well, however, we have a big problem when users are adding attachments to the list item. Every time I add a new attachment, it’s triggering this workflow and sending the email. I’m not really sure why, because the email should only send if the assigned to name has changed, but simply adding an attachment is causing the email to send. It means if users attach 5 documents in a row, the assigned to person receives 5 of the same email.

Does anyone know why this might be happening?