Office 365 SharePoint Approval Workflow Limits

I have an approval workflow setup in Office 365 SharePoint and the first branch sets up a 1 week delay while the other side of the branch is the “Start and wait for an approval”. At the end of the delay, a conditional checks the value of a column to see if the approval is still pending, if it is it causes a reminder email to be sent and then closes the workflow. This delay branch causes the workflows to stay open for at least a week – ie they are staying in the running state.

Does this cause a problem for the quotas on SharePoint? Is there a way to cancel the delay if the workflow has been approved/rejected? Is there another way to do the reminder branch without a delay?

Start Workflow via JS gives error “Value cannot be null”

Hi I am attempting to start an SP 2010 workflow using Jquery SP Services but i seem to be getting a response 500 Value cannot be null. There is not supposed to be an initiation form yet when i manually start the workflow via link i get an infopath form with just Start Cancel buttons as i have no parameters. Can anyone spot an issue?

 $  ().SPServices({             operation: "StartWorkflow",             item: "" + fileRef,             templateId: "{463231b0-e608-44e1-ae9f-57af1832565d}",             workflowParameters: "<root><data></data></root>"         }); 

Workflow, Workflows, Workspace, and State Machine– what is the difference?

Drupal 8 core has an experimental module called Workflows.

There is also a contrib moduled called Workflow.

There’s also the Workspace module, which is associated with the Deploy module.

Commerce 2 uses State Machine, another module that provides workflow management in Drupal 8.

What are the differences between these four modules?

Is one more future-proof than the others? Normally, I would assume the module in core has the brightest future, but in this case Commerce picked a different module (perhaps because the core module wasn’t ready?). And in D7, Workflow has a large following.

Workflow reducing balance

I have workflow that follows a vacation request form, once approved it reduces the DaysUsed by 1. Because i can do that….

However, i want to reduce the DaysUsed by the number of days requested in the request.

Do i need to set a Variable or use a function…. i am lost.

This is my first post, so please shout if i need to provide more information.

My workflow is shown below in as much detail as i have.

WorkFlow Diagram

Update document in another library using SP 2010 workflow

I have a basic workflow that, when manually run, copies a document from one library to another library with the same structure. This works great. What I’m having an issue with is if the document already exists in the destination, I can’t use the copy action, but rather, I’m trying to use the Update List action. This errors every time, and I’m looking for help. In addition to this, after the error, I terminate the workflow, delete the destination library item, and the workflow still errors. In my mind, the copy with nothing in the destination library should work.

To reiterate, first time copy with empty destination: Works great Second time copy, workflow runs the Update List action: Receive the following error: The workflow could not update the item, possibly because one or more columns for the item require a different type of information – Unknown Error

Thank you!

Sharepoint 2010 Customizing the Approval Workflow for Change Items

I’m trying to use Sharepoint Designer 2010 to create a workflow for a library. We want to have submitters and approvers in the library. Submitters would upload a document, fill out some metadata & the workflow would then start. Approval request would be sent to the approvers. That I can get to work with a basic out of the box approval workflow.

The problem comes in after that. The approvers want to be able to add notes in the metadata of the library item WITHOUT restarting the workflow. Because the workflow history list with rejection comments will erase itself & start over when an edit is made.

Basically I’m trying to figure out how to set it up so that the workflow only restarts when the original library item submitter changes something. Because the assumption would be that if they receive a rejection they would need to edit their submittal & then the process would restart.

Is there a way to do this? I’ve scoured the internet & attempted to tweak the workflow to no effect. I even attempted to have 2 workflows, one for “start on item creation only” and one for “start on item change only” but the change item only workflow considered the document metadata & initial check in to be a “change” and then I was getting double approval request emails.

We are using SharePoint 2010. Versioning is turned on for this library but check in/check out is not.

Semicolon delimited text field used in email workflow

unfortunately, I still have some forms on SharePoint 2007. Somehow, a workflow that was created by a previous person disappeared (grew legs and walked away? idk). I am looking to recreate this workflow but cant wrap my head around getting it done, here’s the scoop:

I have a form that allows for selection of multiple checkboxes. These checkbox selections are then concatenated (this step isn’t required if you dont think its needed, I just couldnt find a way to reference the selected checkboxes directly) into a text field like so:

XXXXX; YYYY; Selection3; Selection4; Selection5; etc.

I need my SharePoint workflow to look up each of these values (from another list) and find the corresponding emails to each of the values and then place those values (semicolon delimited) into the To: box to send the email.

So basically, it has to take Selection1 and reference the email list to find Selection1‘s corresponding email and place it into the To: box (and do that for every selection/concat them).

Thanks in advance for any help.

Sending to Distribution groups from workflow

We recently migrated to SPO from SharePoint Server 2013. On our SharePoint Server 2013, some of our departments use sending an email from SharePoint lists to distro groups.

We found out by emails not getting received. I have read different places that you can send to security groups that are mail enabled – but that is not an option.

Has anyone else ran into this issue or is this something that is wrong with our environment?

Trigger another workflow after confirmation task is approved

I need to start another workflow if first WF confirmation task is approved. I could update field with value and do If Field = Value then send email but I can’t do that because I will be using SP alert system and every time something gets approved the email will be send about modified item. Is it possible to trigger another workflow some how? For example trigger WF2 from WF1. Also I don’t have option to use start a list workflow option. I am using SharePoint 2013, platform Sharepoint 2010 Workflow