What is a good workflow for cropping images in the field

Sometimes when I am out taking photos I for some reason or another take a photo with then intention of cropping it later. (Can be lack of a long lens, straitening lines by taking only the top half or different aspect ratio)

What are good workflows for managing this, are there any that are more convenient than taking notes in a notebook.

I am using a 5D Mark II and own the WFT-4 wierless adapter but Idealy an answer can explain which different options ther exists with different equipment.

Document Set Approval Workflow to create dynamic columns

I’m working with SharePoint 2016 and using SharePoint Designer 2013, though using the SharePoint Designer 2010 version to create a workflow. I was reading into Association Columns and am not sure if this is the way of going about it. I’ve got a Document Set that the user creates and then inputs initial data into a form and uploads their documents. They then edit a property on the Document Set Welcome Page called “Submit for Approval” to initiate the workflow sequence. Depending on what they select in one of the other dropdowns, it could follow one of three different workflows. In each workflows, I’d like to make it so that different fields are generated and added to the Document Set for downstream approvers to add information about the Document Set.

For example, say there are initially five fields the user fills out, plus the “Submit for Approval” choice dropdown. The workflow alerts the first approver to review the documents and fill in data for three additional columns, then can approve the document set and send it to the next approver.

Will association columns work to “add in” the additional columns to the Document Set and permit the first approver to enter in the additional information? If not, how else might I go about this?

Approach in upgrading/re-working front-end workflow and dependencies

I am in the process of upgrading/re-working our front-end workflow and dependencies (largely driven by the deprecated Bower).

I have moved from Bower to Yarn and also introduced Webpack Encore (https://symfony.com/doc/3.4/frontend.html) which I intended to replace Grunt entirely with.

I don’t get the chance to tackle front-end work often and now i’ve hit a bit of a wall trying to work out what to do with my AMD modules, which look like this:

define('homepage', ['jquery'], function($  ) { var homepage = {      init: function() {          document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function () {             $  ('.expand-list-icon').on('click', function () {                 if ($  (this).find('svg').attr('data-icon') == 'plus' ) {                      $  (this).find('svg').attr('data-icon', 'minus');                 } else {                      $  (this).find('svg').attr('data-icon', 'plus');                 };             });         });      },      stickyNav: function() {         // another function in here...     }  }; return homepage;  }); 

I call them from my Twig templates like this:

<script type="text/javascript"> require(['homepage', 'jquery'], function(homepage) {     homepage.init();     homepage.stickyNav(); }); </script> 

I have around 20 modules like this which rely on jQuery and Bootstrap. My JavaScript isn’t very complex so if I had to convert the AMD modules to something else to allow them to fit in with Webpack then I would be willing to do that. My question is – convert them to what and how?

Any advice or conversation is greatly appreciated.

Workflow task – email link to edit page rather to display page in Sharepoint 2013

I am looking for the way for the workflow task email to contain a link directly to “Edit task” page rather than “Display task”, so user doesnt have to click “Edit” button but go directly from the email to a page with “Approve/Reject” buttons.
I noticed that the task link that emailed to a user does contain task ID (which can be used to make a link to “edit task” page) but its not available in task values in “Assign a task” workflow action in Sharepoint designer.
Any ideas how that can be done?

What’s your SEO workflow?

hi all,
Here's my goal:

1. Build a site for local handyman in Las Vegas, NV
2. Make SEO for it.

I'm at the first stage now..


what tools you guys use: free/paid for check for backlinks etc?

What is the checklist for me at this stage?

My site is WordPress and I am optimizing content, title, keywords etc within it

Easy workflow to stack several frame from a steady video with a moving subject

There are plenty of samples of what I want to do: a moving subject in front of a steady camera, and a single final picture showing the “action” with the subject in several positions in front of the fixed backgound.

I want to do this not from a burst of still image, but from selected frames of a video.

The easy way I found (on Windows) is the software Microsoft Image Composite Editor, but it has some drawback:

  1. it is not so fast
  2. it only allow to mask the moving subject (i.e. to select what area of what frame to preserve in the final stitched photo) with a rectangle and we are not able to define that rectangle in an accurate mode;
  3. after viewving the final result, to change the area to keep of a frame or the frame itself we need to rebuild the final stitch.

To solve the (2) we can of course extract the frames from the video and stitch with Photoshop, but the (3) become more difficult.

Any workflow to recommend?