Where can I find info on World Axis (4e) Sorrowsworn and Nightwalkers?

To the best of my knowledge, in 4th edition, Sorrowsworn were defined as powerful psychopomps who maintain the preservation of the cycle of death and rebirth, and/or as Exarches of the Raven Queen, and Nightwalkers were powerful "shadowy" undead (which I think wasn’t that big a departure from their previous lore) but I cannot recall what books specifically talk about these entities or what they specifically say.

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Dungeon World DM companion app [closed]

I’ll be DMing a 10 people group in Dungeon World, so I figured keeping track of everything using pen&paper could be difficult. I’m searching for an app that is specific for Dungeon World, with things like connections between character, selected moves and spells, etc, on top of classic stats like hp, coins, exp, ammo that are more generic.

A huge plus would be a monster tracker, where I’d keep track of monsters’ health.

If I can’t find a DW specific app, I’d like at least a generic DM companion app to help me. I’m looking for an Android application.

Isometric tiles on wrong positions if the mouse points at a negative world coordinate

I am using this approach:


Basically, you can calculate the iso coordinates based on the screen coordinates. What I am doing is, getting the actual world position the mouse is pointing at using get_mouse_global_position() and convert this position to isometric values.

Then I translate those coordinates back to world space coordinates to actually display the sprite.

Problem is, that when the world coordinates come from a negative position, the tiles get offset by almost an entire tile amount. Here is the relevant code.

The get_coord() function returns the actual world position of the tile used to display the Sprite

func get_coord(pos : Vector2):     var t = Vector2()     var e = screen_to_iso(pos)     t = iso_to_screen(e)     print(pos)     print(e)     print(t)     return t     pass var buildings  func screen_to_iso(pos :Vector2):     var flipx = 0     var flipy = 0     var t = Vector2()     var x_size = size/2     var y_size = size/4     t.x = int((pos.x/x_size) + (pos.y/y_size))/2     t.y = int((pos.y/y_size) - (pos.x/x_size))/2     return t     pass  func iso_to_screen(pos : Vector2):     var t = Vector2()     var x_size = size/2     var y_size = size/4     t = Vector2((pos.x-pos.y)*x_size, (pos.x+pos.y)*y_size)     return t     pass 

I can’t seem to figure out a way

Campaign in already existing world and story – fear of NPC domination

This is my first time running a campaign, with just some one-shots of experience.

I thought it would be easier for me to create a campaign in an already existing world that I know very well (World of Warcraft). However, since I would like for my players (who do not know the story at all) to experience the story and to follow some important characters, I fear that they might see their story and aventures as "secondary".

I definitely will allow them to change the story, apart from a few cases which I want to keep.

Do you have any tips on how to allow my players to experience the story arc of some important characters without giving them the feeling that it might not be "their" story and that they are not just spectating some NPCs?

Are any of the kingdoms/realms of the Forgotten Realms based on real world civilisations?

Have designers/writers for D&D ever cited explicit real world corolaries (current or historical) for any of the civilizations or peoples of the Forgotten Realms?

I’m looking at building a new character for an upcoming campaign and I think it would help me to role play better if I can contextualize it as a citizen of a real country or region.

How can gambling work in a world where magical divination is possible?

In a DnD 3.5 universe, could a spell such as Divination or Commune allow the caster to cheat at betting on sporting events? (For example, by asking a question like “Will Stan Stormbow win in this gladitorial match”).

Is there any in-universe way around this, such as a abjuration that could be cast on the arena to prevent such divinations?

How to seperate gui input from world input?

I have a GUI interface and a player that hase code to detect when the mouse is pressed.

When i mess with my GUI buttons the code for the player also fires off; an undesired behavior. The code in the player is meant for mining or using his current item not meant for buttons.

Some people have suggested using _unhandled_input and mouse filters, but i havent gotten either of those to work. Im just wondering what the common thing to do in the situation?

New World Factions Website – Community Website for Amazons upcoming MMO

New World is Amazon's upcoming MMO (release date early 2021). It includes a faction system where factions can compete for territories. This is a community website where players can create new factions or groups. Each group comes with its own private community forum.