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Have computer scientists proven the world is fundamentally unpredictable?

In the book “This Will Make You Smarter: 150 New Scientific Concepts to Improve Your Thinking”, Rudy Rucker, a computer scientist, state:

A little-known truth: Every aspect of the world is fundamentally unpredictable. Computer scientists have long since proved this.
How so? To predict an event is to know a shortcut for foreseeing the outcome. A simple counting argument shows that there aren’t enough shortcuts to go around. Therefore most processes aren;t predictable. A deeper argument plays on the fact that if you could predict your actions, you could deliberately violate your predictions, which means the predictions were wrong after all.
We often suppose that unpredictability is caused by random inputs from higher spirits or from low-down quantum foam. But chaos theory and computer science tell us that non-random systems produce surprises on their own. The unexpected tornado, the cartoon safe that lands on Uncle George, the winning pull on a slot machine odd things pop out of a computation. The world can simultaneously be deterministic and unpredictable.

(full entry available here)

My first question relates to references. Where can I read about computer scientists “proving” the world is “fundamentally unpredictable”?

Second, can someone elaborate on the argument? For instance, consider the phrase

if you could predict your actions, you could deliberately violate your predictions, which means the predictions were wrong after all.

This is just bad modelling. If human agency (mine) affects the world, then my model should incorporate my action. And thus, I can predict what my action would cause to the world. So I don’t see how this argument holds.

I also don’t understand how the world can be deterministic and unpredictable. Rather, what happens is that the world is so complex that it is, to us, given our current state of our knowledge, unpredictable. But this is epistemological unpredictability and not necessarily ontological unpredictability, which is what you would assume is the meaning of “the world is unpredictable”. The author seems to not know this difference.

Can some one please explain?

How do I create a spherical world to explore?

So to preface this question, I have done a lot of research on this, but most of it has proven unhelpful, possibly because I’m not sure the proper way to phrase what it is that I’m trying to ask, so I might make this a little long-winded to get my point across.

The basic idea that I am trying to explore is a small planet that can be navigated by the player, but I also want this planet to be similar, but different for each playthrough (hence the procedural-generation tag). At first, I looked into doing this by simply creating a sphere which has it’s own type of gravity (doesn’t have to be too realistic), but research proved that this had many (too many) obstacles to overcome. Making the gravity work on this sphere would have been complicated, but doable, but then I read that the terrain tools wouldn’t work properly and that could be a problem. The last issue that I saw for this, which makes me think that this idea is dead is how strenuous this might be for the systems, since I want the planet to be fairly full of interesting things to explore.

This led me to the idea of a modular system of tiles (if I’m using that term correctly), where I could procedurally generate these tiles, and align them in a spherical shape. I could instantiate and destroy the tiles as needed to preserve system resources, and would make the procedural generation aspect of this easier for me as well (at least I think it will). The problem I see with this model is how to make square (or any other shaped tiles) form a sphere.

I am attempting to build this in UE4. If this is impossible, or at least prohibitively difficult, to do in the engine, then I rather find out now before I get too far along in the project. And any help or resources on how I can do this if possible will be greatly appreciated.

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How can I emulate a World of Warcraft’s Death Knight?

I’m DM’ing a game based on Blizzard’s World of Warcraft.

Most of that game’s classes are fairly easy to translate in one manner or another to Pathfinder – Druids are Druids, Mages are Wizards and Sorcerers, Warriors are Fighters, Rogues are Rogues, and so on. This makes creating a fitting character for that universe relatively trivial for most of the cases, with just a few tweaks necessary here and there to match the intended flavor.

Even the Demon Hunter, a pretty exotic class at first glance, can be easily emulated with just a few tweaks on top of the base Magus class.

So far, so good.

Over the last game session, however, one of the PC’s ended up retiring to take care of a newfound family, and thus, the player needs a new character. His plan is to play as a Death Knight, a class that is made on top of a somewhat specific combination of traits. Here are the more important ones:

  • It uses heavy armor and has a very good health pool;
  • Wields mid and short-ranged magic to compliment heavy melee blows;
  • Has some anti-magic utilities on its toolkit, in the form of creating a magic dampening area or shielding itself against magic attacks;
  • Can Force Choke people;
  • Specializes in either Dual Wielding or Two-Handers, but not shields;
  • Adept at using Frost Magic and Necromancy;
  • May have an undead minion following it around;
  • Can heal himself, but not others;
  • Can enchant its own weapon with some special effects;

My first idea was to reskin the Direlock class and changing a few things on it (like adding heavy armor, swapping the spell list and a few other tweaks). However, that class has some nightmarish complex mechanics, and I have never played a game with it where I didn’t had to pull the reference material every single time my player wanted to do something with his character.

So, my question:

Is there a class (or combination of classes) that could emulate the class fantasy of the Death Knight without burdening it with strange or complex mechanics?

While tweaks to existing classes are welcome, I would prefer to avoid entirely home-brewed classes.

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