How much should I as a GM adapt the rules of my world to suit my players? [closed]

I’m DMing a DnD 3.5e game with some combat but mainly focused on narrative and building towards interesting moral themes. I told my players this in session 0. In the game for our last session the party were guests in a manor house. There was one player acting up for laughs and building friction with their slightly haughty in-game hosts. This ended with him failing a save to steal a paperweight and getting locked away until I could think of a way to deal with him. I’m not afraid to imprison badly behaved characters.

I guided the others on with the plot I had written but the player ended up leaving the session early as there wasn’t anything for his character to do and he hadn’t said anything for about 40 mins. I said I would allow him to contribute to the discussions the main party were having but he didn’t seem interested.

This obviously wasn’t ideal but it fit the reality of the situation and environment they were in. Even when the rest of the party attempted to free him they were unpersuasive and rolled badly and I couldn’t justify letting him go.

I think the player and I have different approaches to playstyle. My question is how much am I expected to compromise? I don’t want to upend the rules and lore of my world because someone wants to mess around. – World News, Fully Automated, 100% Monetized with High Potential For $39

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What is the size or scale of the world of Greyhawk?

I’m looking to run a campaign in Greyhawk, but I’m not sure of the actual size of the place. I have found several maps online, but not one map has a scale of any kind that I can see. I know I’ve seen one with it before. I believe it’s this map in the lower right corner, but that one is much too small to see.

I’m aware that for my own campaign I can make 1 hex be any size I want it to be. It could be 20 miles, 30 miles, or 50 or 100 or more and it doesn’t really matter. My question is what the official answer is, because I may wish to use a published module at some point. Even knowing something basic like the distance in miles between Dyvers and Greyhawk, or Dyvers and Verbobonc would be useful information. Heck, even knowing something general like the travel time between Greyhawk and Dyvers would be useful, because you can infer a lot from that. I know I’ve read places where they speak of the distances between locations before. I want to say Verbobonc and the infamous Village of Homlett, but I am not sure where I read that anymore.

What role does the school of necromancy play in the world of 5e? [duplicate]

The school of necromancy subclass states:

The School of Necromancy explores the cosmic forces of life, death, and undeath.

Which doesn’t sound inherently evil.

Obviously a Necromancer makes a classic villain in the world of DnD but I find myself unsure about whether villains like necromancy or necromancers like villainy.

Is raising skeletons, zombies, ghouls and mummies inherently evil or only frowned upon by some societies?

Are there good necromancers in the world of 5e?

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Which Great Elder One wants to be symbiotic with a world and rule it as part of its body?

My player wants to be a warlock of the Great Old One. The campaign would be at Forgotten Realms setting (D&D 5e).

He wants to make a pact with a thing who wants to gather all knowledge in the world and become one with the world itself (like, become a living world), to rule it.

That is a very strange concept and I can’t find any suitable creature in FR lore.

Maybe Zuggtmoy? I have no idea.

What creature from the FR lore (any editions) would be most suitable for this situation?

Opening OpenVPN to the world

I built my own private network with OpenVPN. I bought a VPS at hosting provider A(closer to home) and another two at hosting provider B(cheaper). Using openvpn I connected the two to the OpenVPN server.

I configured the hosts at B to ONLY ALLOW connections from the VPN using UFW, so they should be safe. But now I’m scared to open the ports for the OpenVPN server(port 80 and 443). I want to do this so that I can connect from everywhere to my VPN, accessing Bitwarden and a network share(more to come).

Can people/bots exploit OpenVPN server to gain access to my network? Everything is possible right? Btw, you need a key + password to connect to my OpenVPN server.

Is fail2ban the only extra security? What can/should I do to add extra layers of security to the OpenVPN server? Port 80 and 443 are the only two “holes” in my network so I want to protect them the most. What can I do to achieve the maximum security while still being able to connect to my VPN from everywhere.