Can Dungeon World’s sanctify make salt water drinkable?

The description of Sanctify is,

Food and water you hold in your hands while you cast this spell is consecrated by your deity. In addition to now being holy or unholy, the affected substance is purified of any mundane spoilage.

I’m curious as to whether this can be used to desalinate a cup of water the cleric is holding. From what I can tell, that is dependent on what is included in mundane spoilage

Mundane has two definitions, one being a synonym to "dull, boring," and one being

of this earthly world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one

Using the second definition, desalination would be considered "mundane". I’m not sure if salt water could be considered spoiled, though.

Do pocket watches exist and how much do they cost in d&d in the worlds of classic fantasy?

Do pocket watches exist, how much do they cost and how much do they weigh in d&d in the worlds of classic fantasy? Like Faerûn, Dragonlance, or Greyhawk? I am interested in the ability to track time up to a minute.

I have found the following comment of Ed Greenwood on sageadvice, according to which the wealthy merchants, nobles and warehousekeepers use pocket watches most often in the Realms, and that it is customary to wear watches on a chain around the neck, not on the wrist. But I could not find the recommended price and weight for a pocket watch in the official materials.

Editions from 2nd to 5th are of interest. If you manage to find this information, please mention to which edition the material that contains it belongs, if possible. Thanks.

What is the equivalent of Skull Trap or Glyph of Warding in Savage Worlds?

I am converting Return to the Keep on the Borderlands into a Savage Worlds test. Mainly because that adventure is very localized and has all the basic role-playing elements (Hack and Slash, Intrigue, Mystery, Diplomacy etc.) which makes is a good testing ground for my players and I to feel out the system as a possibility of a full move from 5E.

As I was converting some of the encounters and monsters I stumbled across a place where there were what amounted to what would be considered in 5E as a Glyph or in an old Dragon article a Skull Trap.

Basically, Skull Trap was a 2nd or 3rd level Necromantic spell that allowed the caster to imbue an intact skull to be more or less like a landmine. If disturbed it would explode and all in the radius would take damage.

Since Savage Worlds leans mostly on Power Points and they regenerate insanely fast I have seen that they tend to essentially invest the Power Points and they don’t regain them until the trap is triggered.

Are there other ways to adjudicate this? I realize there are a number of settings out there with varying magic systems and I have seen the Savage Vancian versions but they don’t seem to really work for me.

Essentially, is there a way for a power to be used to create a trap that lasts indefinitely without investment of Power Points and if so what are the balance issues of allowing this? I had thought to allow it but increase the casting time significantly for long standing effects.

How do you plan Savage Worlds combats based on PC ability?

Last night I ran my first Savage Worlds combat, to try to get a feel for the system. The combatants were two sword-wielding fighting men against three orcs (extras) and their chieftain (a wild card). I enjoyed a lot of the combat, but when all the orcs had been dropped, all progress seemed to stop. We had endless whiff and ping on both sides. I have already read about reducing whiff and ping in SW, and that advice is good for combats that are underway. My question is about planning combats ahead of time.

Savage worlds doesn’t have a challenge rating or threat level system, which makes sense in many respects, because of the general unpredictability of encounters. Unfortunately, it means that without having experience with the system, it’s hard to guess at what threats will not be boring. In the case of the orc chieftain, for example, his high Parry and Toughness made it impossible for the PCs to damage him without acing out the wazoo. This wasn’t a question of a sure-thing TPK from a massive threat: the PCs, too, had high parry, which made it almost as difficult for them to be hurt. Even when we slowed down the combat to really look at bonuses everyone could work for, we kept whiffing and pinging.

In retrospect, I probably would have done better to replace the chieftain with plain old orc who was a wild card and had a higher Strength and Fighting. He could’ve hit the PCs more easily and been hit more easily himself.

So, my question is: how could I have known that from the start? Is there a simple often-right-enough formula for comparing PC traits to threat traits? Is there other common wisdom on doing this?

Swapping Hindrances in Savage Worlds

So I have hit a pretty big character development turning point, which may result in the potential situation where some of the Hindrances I currently have, just don’t fit the character any more.

I have already done this once (sort of), with a Minor Hindrance – my PC used to be an Alcoholic. However, the GM allowed me to remove this by way of attending AA meetings, etc. So long as I continue to prove my abstinence, I no longer “suffer” from alcoholism.

However, a story development has come up where The Character has potentially “made the choice” to actively change their outlook. This is in regards to the “Heroic” Hindrance:

Your hero never says no to a person in need. She doesn’t have to be happy about it, but she always comes to the rescue of those she feels can’t help themselves. She’s the first one to run into a burning building, usually agrees to hunt monsters for little or no pay, and is generally a pushover for a sob story.

To summarize, the story has gone that there have been glimpses into the future where a person has ended up enslaving the PC for their abilities. And now, even though it appears that particular future has been avoided, others are now invested in attempting to use him for other means.

His outlook is that he will no longer tolerate this potential, and will do whatever it takes to stop it from happening. So, I am thinking of swapping from “Heroic”, to “Vengeful (Major)”

Your character always attempts to right a wrong he feels was done to him. If this is a Minor Hindrance, he usually seeks vengeance legally. If this is a Major Hindrance, he’ll kill to see it done.

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