Would Google prefer a 301 or iframe when I redo my site?

Hi All –

We are moving from a static html/css/js site to a CMS site.

We currently have a couple of hundred how-to guides located at suredone.com/guides/name-of-guide (you can see them by visiting www.suredone.com/guides). They are actually a bit ancient and we’ve moved all of them to Freshdesk but never redirected individual guides from www.suredone.com – we just repointed the menu item for guides to support.suredone.com on Freshdesk. As a result, these guides (at www.suredone.com) are still indexed on Google and actually for a lot of longtail phrases.

So now that we’re moving to a CMS we’re trying to figure out the best approach to these pages so we don’t decimate our rankings. We REALLY don’t want to recreate these old pages. There’s no awesome way to suck the content from Freshdesk and create pages on the CMS since that would also require some big maintenance aspect as these pages are updated regularly.

So.. do we 301 the old guide pages from www.suredone.com/guides/name-of-guide to support.suredone.com/support/solutions/articles/1000221852-some-guide-name-thats-different, or do we create pages in the CMS for each of these older guides and then iframe the freshdesk pages into them so at least the content for those specific pages is current if someone trips onto them?

Other ideas are welcome!



How would I go about doing web-monitoring?

Firstly, I’ll say some background information. Yesterday while I was taking a shower, I had this idea that sparked up in my head which was to make a program that would monitor my school grades. This is due to the problem that the website does not notify the student whenever the teacher changes, deletes or makes additions to grades. I was also hoping to share the program after it’s finished with my friends and possibly even everyone in the school since it would be very useful.

My notes on the program so far are as follows:

Program logs into username/password protected website.

Navigates to where the grades are

The program continually presses “Grade” header to refresh the grades since refreshing the page would make the user have to re-login. (The URL does not change throughout navigating. It just stays as https://jpsis.jpschools.org/progress/ through the entire process.

Checks if there have been changes to grades continuously or maybe every [Some number] minutes.

Notifies student when there has been a change

Code language to use is [Insert Most Optimal Language]

My question is what programming language could I use to make this program. I already have knowledge of C++ and C# from making games and such, but I would be willing to learn new languages. Also, I would like to make the program run without my computer being on but I don’t know how this would be possible (Maybe running it on a web server?). Thank you to whoever read all of that, and I hope I can get some help on this.

Why would wp_schedule_single_event get delayed start?

I’m using wp_schedule_single_event to run a function in the background immediately when a logged in user visits the dashboard page. The problem I’m having is that the time between triggering and the function actually running varies between a few seconds and 5 minutes.

I’m debugging by emailing myself as soon as I call wp_schedule_single_event, and then in the function that is called. I know the event is scheduled immediately because I get the email quickly, _transient_doing_cron is created in the wp_options table, and the name of my action is added to cron in wp_options while it needs to be run.

My function runs fairly quickly and is done in less than 10 seconds. It’s as if wordpress is running other crons before it, but I’ve tested this multiple times only a few minutes apart, so I can’t always be getting an hourly cron that needs to be run. Can I prioritize my event to be run first? What else could be happening?

GAE Standard: In what cases would I actually require a single instance to run permanently vs. spinning up only when there’s user activity?

I’m looking to create a website on GAE utilizing the Node.js Standard environment. The website will be a two-sided marketplace (similar to Fiverr, Uber, Airbnb, etc.) where I’d be performing back-end logic and CRUD updates with the Cloud Firestore database. I’m also looking to leverage Firebase Authentication, Cloud Storage, Cloud Functions, and Cloud Messaging.

Given my use case above, am I okay with just using the F1 instance class with the auto_scaling option that only creates an instance with actual user activity on my website (assuming low user activity)? If not, why?

What limitations should I keep in mind that may cause me problems right off the bat or in the near future? Roughly how much user activity would make this impractical? Why?

Thanks in advance.

how you would move forward from completing the Planning, requirements modelling and analysis part of the development process?

I am following RUP/USDP practice. I have made Use case model, High level, Use case, Expanded, Interactions Diagrams, and Class Diagram.

Question: Explain how you would move forward from this part of the development process.

Would it be possible to dictate a bech32 address as a list of English words?

One of the reason for bech32 address is: “it’easier to dictate it over the phone”.

Is there an algorithm to convert a bech32 address into a list of English words that would make it even easier?

Something like BIP39 but inverted (address to words instead of words to seed).

The dictionary used in BIP39 would be enough? How many words would be necessary at best to express an address?

Probably it is better to dictate the address than 50 words but what about 25 or so?.

Would the Life Transference spell be unbalanced if it ignored resistance and immunity?

I want to create a Abjuration wizard (PHB, p. 115-116) that uses the Life Transference spell (XGtE, p. 160) and the Arcane Ward feature to heal people, but I’ve heard people saying Life Transference is bad due to how it interacts with resistance (half the damage taken = half the healing).

That is pretty relevant for me, because of the Spell Resistance feature that Abjuration wizards get at 14th level.

What if Life Transference worked like the Overchannel feature from the School of Evocation wizard (PHB, p. 118): necrotic damage that ignores resistance and immunity?

I believe that would be very thematically appropriate considering the fact that it is a self-sacrifice spell. I know that this is all up to the DM, but I want to know: Would that be unbalanced? Could that somehow be exploited?

What would happen if you cast Etherealness while on a demiplane?

Randy the Wizard needs to retrieve a sacred object that has been shifted into a demiplane for safekeeping. Randy knows that there a a number of traps and guards on the demiplane so he plans to use the Plane Shift (or Gate) spell to get into the demiplane, then cast Etherealness to bypass everything until he finds the object.

Once in it’s presence, quickly in succession drop Etherealness, grab the object, then Plane Shift/Gate back home.

The problem is, will this work?

The description for Etherealness says:

This spell has no effect if you cast it while you are on the Ethereal Plane or a plane that doesn’t border it, such as one of the Outer Planes.

The DMG has this to say about demiplanes:

Demiplanes are extradimensional spaces that come into being by a variety of means and boast their own physical laws. Some are created by spells. Others exist naturally, as folds of reality pinched off from the rest of the multiverse. Theoretically, a plane shift spell can carry travelers to a demiplane, but the proper frequency required for the tuning fork would be extremely hard to acquire. The gate spell is more reliable, assuming the caster knows of the demiplane.

When a demiplane is connected to the Material Plane or some other plane, entering it can be as simple as stepping through a portal or passing through a wall of mist.

It’s possible that a demiplane can be connected to the Material Plane, which is in turn connected to the Ethereal Border. This would also suggest that they are not part of the Outer Planes.

So would being ethereal on a demiplane work all the time? Only when the door to the demiplane is connected? DM Fiat?