How would uncontrolled zombies react to a zombie raised by a necromancer?

If a necromancer raises a zombie, then orders the zombie to cross into area containing non-controlled zombies, how would the non-controlled zombies react? I’ve always assumed ‘wild’ undead don’t destroy one another, but is there a reason for that?

I’m asking about D&D 5e, but I’d be interested if any edition of D&D commented on this.

Would getting a natural 20 with a penalty still count as a critical hit?

Since rolling a number up to 20 with modifiers (an example 17 + 3) is not counted as a critical hit, what happens in the following case?

If I roll a natural 20 and because of penalties end up with a total of less than 20 (an example 20 – 3) does it still count as a critical hit? Or in this case would it resemble the natural 1 with positive modifiers taking you out of critical error?

Which algorithm would be better to integrate “step” like functions

I have a function f[wr], in which the appearance is step like, first of all, the NIntegrate function is not handling this function, so I decided to do the integration algorithm by hand.

enter image description here

Without joined in plot

I have tried to integrate f[wr] using Riemann’s sum

data[mu_] :=   Module[{Te = 300., sum = 0., sum1 = 0., kb = 8.61*10^-5, a},    Do[    sum = sum + (f[wr] 0.01);     sum1 = sum1 + (f[wr] (wr - mu) 0.01);, {wr, mu - 30 kb Te,      mu + 30 kb Te, 0.01}]; sum1/(Te*sum)] 

and then, evaluate it with


I think the results could be better if I try other algorithm. Could you suggest one?

edit: f[wr] algorithm

How would I find out how how to depict a certain set of numbers from a sum [on hold]

I’m looking for an algorithm of sorts for my problem. I have 10 buttons, Alpha = 1, Bravo = 2, Charlie = 4, Delta = 8, Echo = 16, Fox = 32, Golf = 64, Hotel = 128, India = 256, Juliet = 512, Each button can only be pressed once at the same time, so for example; If I pressed Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta at the same time, I would get 15. No number will ever be a duplicate either and should only go up to about 1023 possible combinations. Any ideas?

Would there be any significant balance implications for letting a player forfeit their action to take a second bonus action? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Which balancing issues, if any, would arise from allowing PCs to spend actions on bonus action features? 4 answers

As the title suggests, I’m wondering if there would be any significant balance implications for letting a player forfeit their action to take an additional bonus action (but not the other way around).

I know there would be balance implications for the other way around so that’s why I said that.

I also know that RAW they’re not at all interchangeable but as a house rule option maybe?

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What would happen to an adventurer personal identity when turning into a God?

I recently played RP with some friends, and one these friends is also one who’s playing in the D&D campaign I DM (Lost Mine Of Phandelver).

While they were explaining me their home-made RP system, we came to talk about Gods.
After a bit of talking, my friend whose is also playing D&D told me that he might someday try to achieve to become a God.
It could be a logical way for his character, an elven wizard, as his goal is to be the most powerful magic caster that ever existed (The entire background may be a bit long to write here not not that relevant for this question).

I was thinking that he might someday become the new God of magic in place of Mystra.
I already know that a legendary adventurer becoming a God already happened, but it bring to me a few questions about what would happen :

  1. Would the elven wizard keep his whole personality or would it be deeply affected by precedent God of magic memory and personality?
  2. Does the new God will be a God (male) or a Goddess as the previous one?