Erro na função write do stringstream do c++


estou fazendo uma função para conversão de decimal para binário, que é retornado numa string. Como o C++ não tem StringBuffer, estou usando o stringstream. Contudo, sempre tenho erro de compilação ao usar a função write do stringstream. O código é este:

string toBin(int valor, int bits) {     int resto = -1, i = 0;     stringstream ss;      if (valor == 0) {         return "0";     }      while (valor > 0) {         resto = valor % 2;         valor = valor / 2;         ss.seekp(0);         ss.write(resto, i++);     }      return ss.str(); } 

A intenção é que a cada resto encontrado, eu o insira na primeira posição do stringstream, para formar o binário. E o erro encontrado é:

“invalid conversion from ‘int’ to ‘const char*’

Como poderia resolver esse problema? Ou existe alguma biblioteca do C++ que já faça a conversão de decimal para binário?


Can’t Block Russian Spammers Because Can’t Write In Russin

I get these messages, or notifications from some Russians, or at least I think they are, maybe Ukrainians, asking me to like pages, all of them with beautiful sexy women. I can't block them because I can't write their name in Russian.

what can I do about this?? I get quite a few every day.

darn trying to attach a screenshot but it says photo too large, but I've resized it to 158KB or 500 pixels wide?

atprogram.exe – no boot after write command

I am using the atprogram.exe to flash an several atmega256rfr2 via batchfile and AtmelIce programmer on a windows machine.

I wrote some code that just does a simple printf("Hello World\n"); after initialising the designated UART.

Now when I am flashing one atmega with a batchfile (sequence: erase chip, set fuse without eesave, erase chip incl. eeprom, write flash with verification)


set debugger= atmelice  ::erase echo ####### erase chip ####### atprogram -t %debugger% -i jtag -d atmega256rfr2 -cl 2mhz -xr chiperase || EXIT /B 1  ::fuses without eesave echo ####### set fuse without eesave ####### atprogram -t %debugger% -i jtag -d atmega256rfr2 -cl 2mhz -xr write -fs -v --values CE9AFF || EXIT /B 1  ::erase echo ####### erase chip including eeprom ####### atprogram -t %debugger% -i jtag -d atmega256rfr2 -cl 7mhz -xr chiperase || EXIT /B 1  ::program echo ####### write flash ####### atprogram -t %debugger% -i jtag -d atmega256rfr2 -cl 7mhz -xr program --verify -f mylil.hex || EXIT /B 1 

Now when I program my develop-atmega with this script, everything is running well, “Hello World” is printed on the UART after the process is finished.

BUT if I try to flash an untouched (factory default) the script is running as it should, but after the script finishes nothing is printed in the UART.

I also tried to add the following part at the end of the script

::reset echo ####### reset device ####### atprogram -t %debugger% -i jtag -d atmega256rfr2 -cl 7mhz reset || EXIT /B 1 

but this also didn’t help. If i flash an untouched atmega via ATMEL studio 7.0 everything is working fine and the µC starts as normal, prints “Hello World”.

Am I doing something wrong in the Script? Do I need to touch the user signature of the board?

Thx in advance

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Is there a cleaner way to write this program?

as a beginner’s assignment i had to write a program that recieves 2 Strings, Input and Search, in the Search string the sign ‘+’ indicates that it should tell me if the substring before the ‘+’ exists in the Input string. (the search String cannot start with ‘+’ and there cannot be a ‘+’ followed by another ‘+’).

I was wondering, if it is possible, because I am a beginner, for someone to help me or give me tips on how to write cleaner code. I do think that I write unnecessary lines and hoped to get better at this.

boolean notgood = false;                     boolean break1 = false;                     boolean break2 = false;                     int counter = 0;                      if (search.charAt(0)=='+'||search.charAt(0)=='*') {                          System.out.println("Invalid search striNG.");                         continue;                      }                      //////////////////////////////////////////////                     for (i=0; i<search.length() && notgood==false; i++) {                          if (search.charAt(i)!='*' && search.charAt(i)!='+') {                             counter++;                         }                         if (counter == search.length()) {                             System.out.println("Invalid SEARCH string.");                              notgood=true;                             break;                         }                          if ((search.charAt(i)=='*')||(search.charAt(i)=='+')) {                              if (i!=search.length()-1) {                                   if ((search.charAt(i+1)=='*')||(search.charAt(i+1)=='+')) {                                      System.out.println("INvalid search string.");                                      notgood=true;                                     break1=true;                                 }                             }                          }                     }                     ////////////////////////////////////////////                     for (i=0; i<search.length() && !break1; i++) {                           int c=0;                          if (search.charAt(i)=='+') {                                    String word = search.substring(0,i);                               for (int j=0; j<input.length() && !break2; j++) {                                   if ((input.charAt(j) == word.charAt(c)) && c<word.length()) {                                      c++;                                 }                                 if (c>=word.length()) {                                      System.out.println("Search string matches input string.");                                     break1=true;                                     break2=true;                                  }                             }                              if (c<word.length()) {                                 System.out.println("Search string doesn't match input string.");                             }                         } 

For example, Input = ‘abcd’ and search = ‘ab+cd+’, the result should be ‘the strings match.

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