What is a good design for maintaining consistency in a last write wins database without event sourcing

We have an application which on every resource update(resource update, create, delete)creates a message and puts it on a queue. This message is picked up by a worker process, converted to a format that the receiving application (lets call it a hub) understands and sends it. The hub implements a policy of last writer wins (implemented using mongodb). Whenever the sending application fails to send a message, we enqueue it to a failed queue, which is picked up by a job and sent again in few mins. The problem here is how can we ensure consistency when we send the messages again as it might overwrite a more recent write (due to the last writer policy).

One thought was to use timestamps but there as well there is a possibility when there are multiple consumers processing the message off the queue, there as well it might result in an inconsistent state due to order and speed of processes being different.

I have been reading of multiple implementations of Lamport clock and vector clock. Can anyone suggest a better solution to handle consistency in a last writer wins policy, especially in .net.

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IS there a way to make USB Drive read only and write by a password or key or certificate?

I am trying to distribute a software, a simple exe file, that can be executed directly from a USB Drive. I would like to make that USB Drive read only to avoid any malware infection and accidental deletion. Another requirements is to update this software using a trusted updater package in the field.

I understand I can use a hardware switched write protect USB Drive, but then I am giving an option to the users to flip the switch when updating and I would like to avoid that.

So, is there a way where the USB Drive is mounted readonly by default and if I need to write it, I need a password or an unlocking key or similar that can be achieved via a trusted script/package? Thanks

(DnD5e) Can Arcanetrickster/Wizard multiclass write down AT spells into its spellbook?

It is said, AT is a half-wizard who know their spells so well they don’t need a spellbook to cast them. Wizards can read and write down spells. Makes Scrolls or copies them. Can these perfect entities write their own, well-known spells into their spellbook by heart?

My example:

I have a 9AT/1W character. My AT knows the Sleep spell and my spellbook contains Charm Person. After I leveled up as AT, I have an option to change one of my spells to another one which is illusion or enchantment.

Can I change Sleep to CharmPerson, meanwhile I write Sleep in my spellbook?

In this case, I don’t lose any of my spells but I can prepare other, more useful spells as a Wizard and Charm Person will be always “prepared”. I could do the same if I changed the spells anyway and then bought a Sleep scroll somewhere but this is more time-consuming and illogical.

Write a reading and checking programm [on hold]

Hello I have a difficult task to do as a beginner. I have 8000 .xml files whit a similar structure. Those files contains a lot of code but what I need are the code id in those files stored between tags. There are only 20 different ids between those tags. I need to know which files contains which ids in it and store this somehow in a db or a text dok where I could export it.

What I want to programm, is a programm which simply read those files, search for the tag /CORID/ 100 /CORID/ and stores this value somehow. So that we know File_1.xml has the tag 100 (and maybe more) in it.

I was thinking about writing a java code where the scanner reads the file converts it to string and searches for the tag and then store the value between those tags in a variable or in a db or something.

I’m not sure if that actually works with file imput, even tho I scanned files for letters and words in previos tasks.

Someone have an Idea how I could solve this the best? In the end I need something like this –> List files showing contained codes

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