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Writing Single responsibility methods

Let’s say we have a typical service class method who does few things, input validation, db object retrieval, some business logic execution and then saving and returning record to user. This is irrespective of any language we are using.

methodA(args1, args2, args3) {      returnValue1 = validateArgs(args1, args2, args3)     returnValue2 = dbObjectRetrieval(args1)     businessLogicValidatorMethod(returnValue2, args1, args2, args3)     enrichArgs(args1, args2, args3)     returnValue3 = saveArgs(args1, args2, args3)      return returnValue3; } 

Now when we say that one method should only do one thing, the above method is clearly doing more than one things, Needless to say all the business logic that goes into the picture. I can understand that for methods like validateArgs, dbObjectRetrieval, businessLogicValidatorMethod it is very easy to do one thing, in the sense

a. validateArgs should not go to db, instead all the required data should be passed and method argument except some environment configurations may be.

b. dbObjectRetrieval should not try to validate anything and either returns the data or throws exceptions (lets say in the case of not found)

similarly for other methods.

This will have obvious benefit that these single responsibilities function (where there are not side effect of getting input form somewhere else but inputs are passed as params) can be reused across the application.

But What if some functionality of methodA is duplicated in methodB. should we move that logic into another methodC and both methodA and methodB start calling methodC? How do you make sure that one function can not be broken down any further?

Trouble on writing Backend code. How to begin writing server side (Backend) code for Android? or even resources to learn writing them

I’ve recently started Android Programming one month back and, I’m loving it. I also started Java along with it. I just have some C experience from college. So I’m very much a beginner.

I’m working on this project where i need to reduce operational cost of a fintech start-up so that it’s easier for it’s agents to work in rural and remote villages by creating an App for them.

It’s a simple app which lists daily collection of loans that are to be made by the agent and OTP verification of the transaction is done and customers receive their receipts through SMS.

I want my App to communicate with the server and send queries for fetching data and be able to modify the databases as and when required. Also a message functionality is required(Just to send a OTP).

One major hurdle is making the app to communicate with my cloud server. Someone told me that i need to learn WAMP server(Windows Android MySQL PHP) however i have no clue what that is. I’ve scoured the web for information over where to begin all the articles are either too advanced or too short and spoon-fed which doesn’t go into detail at all. In fact this is my first question on this topic, so please if you find something on google just let me know I may have missed but don’t downvote the question.

A solution or even pointing towards the resources will be very very helpful. Because I am totally at loss over what to do. I’ve also read about Google’s Firebase, however I’m not sure if i should use it since it reduces the learning curve and limits our flexibility.

Thank you very much

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Could someone help me in writing a list of outcomes on a d20 to show what happenes to a player when attempting something?

I am a new DM, just started getting into the world of D&D. I am confused with the outcomes of a d20. Example, A player roles a d20 to check out a stone carving in the wall, she roles a 4. What would happen with this result? Does she trip over? Does she lose his shoe? Does a Goblin jump out of a bush behind her? I dont know how to dictate d20 outcomes without a list. Could someone please help me with a list of outcomes? Any help will be greatly appreciated.