What is wrong with the lookup in my InfoPath Form?

I have SharePoint Online list which I am customizing with an InfoPath form. Two of the fields on the Form are lookup fields with a secondary Data Connection to a second SharePoint List with Fields Named Funding Source and Income Code.

When a Funding Source is selected from a DropDown list on the InfoPath form, the corresponding income Code should be populated in the Income Code text box.

I’ve created the Data Connection and set up the DropDown list so a Funding Source can be selected but the Income Code box is displaying the top code in the list regardless of which Funding Source is selected in the box.

I must have done something wrong in setting up the Income Code box.

Can someone provide me with a step by step plan of how to set up the income code box please?

How to remove Ubuntu when I installed on wrong hard drive?

I feel this is a stupid question. So basically I have two drives one 120gb ssd and one 1tb hdd. I want to install systems and regular used programs on ssd and put data in HDD. However, i messed up by installing on hdd. How do I transfer the system to the ssd? Or how do I remove the installation on hdd? By the way, the version I installed is Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

What is wrong with this code ? Why isn’t it working the way I hoped it would..?

Bear with me guys.. Im new to JavaScript AND StackOverflow…

Here is my problem :

I have created a simple piece of code, with 3 buttons that should change a text (innerHTML) when pressed… but it’s not working.. 🙁

What am I doing wrong ?

I have checked W3Schools for clues.. but no dice..

<head>   <title>JavaScript Table</title>   <style>     body{         text-align: center;         font-family: arial;     }   </style>         <script>             function red(){                 document.getElementById("tekst").innerHTML = "Red";             }             function green(){                 document.getElementById("tekst").innerHTML = "Green";             }             function blue(){                 document.getElementById("tekst").innerHTML = "Blue";             }         </script> </head> <body>         <h2 id="tekst">Color</h2>         <button onsubmit="red()">Red</button>         <button onsubmit="green()">Green</button>         <button onsubmit="blue()">Blue</button>      </body> </html>``` 

Wrong status for Druapl 7 after update to 7.66 from 7.64

I recently manually updated my localhost drupal site from 7.64 to 7.66. I ran update.php without errors. When the process finished, I cleared all cache and checked the status. It still reported 7.64. I then re-ran the manual update and got the same results. When I look at system.info, I see:

; Information added by Drupal.org packaging script on 2019-04-17 version = "7.66" project = "drupal" datestamp = "1555533576" 

I’ve noticed many other posts on the Druapl site that report the same type of symptoms, but, no one has reported a valid solution to resolve this discrepancy. Does anyone know how to get things back in sync?

Is There A Way To Make These Variables Switch From True To False, Or Am I Doing It Wrong

I am trying to build a program that allows for the simplification of the stage selection procedures in Smash. The main Way I am trying to allow the user to ban stages is to set a series of Boolean functions that they set as true or false so that illegal stages will never show up. The problem is, the Boolean variables I have in the function will not change from true to false.

the “Aban1” function is just supposed to take in the first ban, and make the variable associated with that stage as false. (this is not working and the source of the problem)

The “stagespitter function compares the boolean variables to another set that has already been set up by the user. it only outputs the stages if both the preset stage is true, and the stage that is able to be banned is true.

I have tried enumerated data types, although I think that was the wrong way to attempt this, as visual studio says that enums aren’t modifiable variables.

void Aban1(string ban1, bool PS2, bool PS1, bool BF, bool FD, bool SMASHVILLE, bool KALOS, bool TOWN, bool LYLAT, bool STORY, bool ISLAND);  void stagespitter(bool LYLAT, char chLylat, bool chPS1, bool PS1, bool PS2, char chPS2, char chBF, bool BF, char chFD, bool FD, char chIsland, bool ISLAND, char chStory, bool STORY, char chTown, bool TOWN, char chKalos, bool KALOS, char chSmashville, bool SMASHVILLE); //spits out the stages that are available   void Aban1(string ban1, bool PS2, bool PS1, bool BF, bool FD, bool SMASHVILLE, bool KALOS, bool TOWN, bool LYLAT, bool STORY, bool ISLAND) { //this should run the s if (ban1 == "PS2" || ban1 == "ps2" ) {      PS2 = false;     cout << "Banned ps2" << endl; } else if (ban1 == "PS1" || ban1 == "ps1") {     PS1 = false; } else if (ban1 == "BF" || ban1 == "bf" || ban1 == "bF") {     BF = false; } else if (ban1 == "Smash" || ban1 == "smash") {   //remember to set direction for this, as you have to type specifically     SMASHVILLE = false; } else if (ban1 == "Kalos" || ban1 == "kalos") {     KALOS = false; } else if (ban1 == "Town" || ban1 == "town") {     TOWN = false; } else if (ban1 == "FD" || ban1 == "fd" || ban1 == "fd") {     FD = false; } else if (ban1 == "story" || ban1 == "Story") {     STORY = false; } else if (ban1 == "Lylat" || ban1 == "lylat") {     LYLAT = false; } //make the final else loop it back else (ban1 == "Island" || ban1 == "island"); { //instead of running this over and over, make a function that compares the state of true and false of the bools and the functions associated with the stage     ISLAND = false; //and compares them only returning if both they accepted a stage, and it aint false, or not banned yet }}   void stagespitter(bool LYLAT, char chLylat, bool chPS1, bool PS1, bool PS2, char chPS2, char chBF, bool BF, char chFD, bool FD, char chIsland, bool ISLAND, char chStory, bool STORY, char chTown, bool TOWN, char chKalos, bool KALOS, char chSmashville, bool SMASHVILLE) { cout << "the Available stages are" << endl;  if (lylat(chLylat) == LYLAT && LYLAT == true) //set the bools equal to the function     cout << "Lylat Cruise" << endl;  if ((ps1(chPS1) == PS1) && (PS1 == true))     cout << "Pokemon Stadium 1" << endl;  if ((ps2(chPS2) == PS2) && (PS2 == true))     cout << "Pokemon Stadium 2" << endl;  if (battlefield(chBF) == BF && BF == true)     cout << "Battlefield" << endl;  if (finalDestination(chFD) == FD && FD == true) //something wrong here not adding up     cout << "Final Destination" << endl;  //not correctly orienting what is false, and giving stages that have already been delcared not valid if (yoshisIsland(chIsland) == ISLAND && ISLAND == true)//check the set equal parameters     cout << "YoShi's Island" << endl;  if (yoshisStory(chStory) == STORY && STORY == true)     cout << "Yoshi's Story" << endl;  if (townAndCity(chTown) == TOWN && TOWN == true)     cout << "Town and City" << endl;  if (kalos(chKalos) == KALOS && KALOS == true)     cout << "Kalos" << endl;  if (smashville(chSmashville) == SMASHVILLE && SMASHVILLE == true)     cout << "Smashville" << endl;} 

I want the boolean variables to be able to be set as false, right now they are not being set as false. I will also later need to reset the variables to true, but I am not at that point yet.

strcat returning wrong character

I am using strcat to build a string. It works except for when I want to append characters that represent numbers from an array. The line that uses:

strcat(JsonDataStr, numsToSend[i]); 

for example appends the character ‘c’ instead of ‘1’. If I manually put the character in using double quotes it works, but i want to have a one dimensional array with characters only.

char JsonDataStr[20];  void buildJsonString(){      int offset;     char strtStr[] = "[{\""  ;     char numStr[4];     char numsToSend[4] = {'1', '2','3','4'};      offset = sizeof(strtStr);      strcat(JsonDataStr, strtStr);      for(i = 0 ; i < 2 ; i++){            strcat(JsonDataStr, JsonDataName);            ByteToStr(i, numStr);            strcat(JsonDataStr, numsToSend[i]);            strcat(JsonDataStr, "\":\"");     }     strcat(JsonDataStr, "\"}]"); } 

Any idea why this is happening.

What is wrong with test of LiveData? It doesn’t pass

I’m trying to test ViewModel with LiveData but there’are some problems. I can’t get it. My test doesn’t passes only in one case – value of the last element of HashMap is true. But tests pass any other cases

Here is my test that doesn’t pass

class PermissionsViewModelTest{     @get:Rule     var rule: TestRule = InstantTaskExecutorRule()     lateinit var viewModel: PermissionsViewModel     @Before     fun setUp() {         viewModel = PermissionsViewModel()     }     //Omited     @Test    fun `Should post false if permissions is not granted`() {         val permissions = hashMapOf(             Pair("123", true),             Pair("123", false),             Pair("123", true),             Pair("123", true),             Pair("123", false)         )         val observer = Mockito.mock(Observer::class.java) as Observer<Boolean>         viewModel.isAllPermissionsGranted.observeForever(observer)         viewModel.checkPermissions(permissions)         assertFalse(viewModel.isAllPermissionsGranted.value!!)     } //Omitted } 

and here is my ViewModel

class PermissionsViewModel : ViewModel() {         var isAllPermissionsGranted = MutableLiveData<Boolean>().apply {             value = null         }          fun checkPermissions(permissionsResult: HashMap<String, Boolean>) {             var isAllPermissionsGranted = true             permissionsResult.values.forEach { isGranted ->                 if (!isGranted) {                     isAllPermissionsGranted = false                     return@forEach                 }             }             this.isAllPermissionsGranted.postValue(isAllPermissionsGranted)         }     } 

Do I test LiveData in wrong way? Or there are some problems with testing LiveData?

Ubuntu 18.04 loads to wrong TTY

I installed Ubuntu 18.04, it was working fine and then an application stopped working. So I reinstalled it and upon booting the background with no mouse or icons appeared. Shortcuts worked. I reinstalled Ubuntu 18.04 again and the problem persisted. Luckily, I figured out that I can just Ctrl+Alt+F2 into the desktop environment and everything works from there.

I’m just curious about what’s going on.