WSUS 2012 – Update files not available

We have an WSUS server with a WSUS Downstream server.

The downstream server is triggering alerts related to some updates:

Content file download failed. Reason: HTTP status 404: The requested URL does not exist on the server. Source File: /Content/5F/ Destination File: e:\wsus\ 
  1. When we check that specific KB (KB4503267) at the main WSUS server, and check for the file details, some of the related files do not, indeed, exist on the Wsuscontent folder (see screenshot):

enter image description here

  1. The Downstream server is pointing to a file location unrelated to the previous locations AND that does not exist:


enter image description here

Any idea of what is happening?.


sccm and wsus problems

Let me try to explain my problem. I have an offline system (multiple servers virtual and physically) that are provided with updates via SCCM. We get the updates on a regular Basis from a higher up department. The Content is copied via robocopy and the Metadata is imported via WSUSUTIL.exe

The problem is, that the content is reduced via a (presumably) script by the department, so we have more metadata than actual files. This brings us to a lot of problems, when trying to download a Software update group. We are provided with an manual, to filter the updates that are not included, yet it is a time consuming and not always reliable way of doing it.

I don’t know if there are technical difficulties or organizational ones, that made things the way they are, but I fear I will not change that.

I however came up with an idea of how to automatically just get all the Updates I have as a file.

$  list = [System.Collections.ArrayList] @()  $  Finallist = [System.Collections.ArrayList] @()   net use Z: \<WSUSServer_Content>  /persistent:no            Function Select-FolderDialog     {         param([string]$  Description="Select Folder",[string]$  RootFolder="Desktop")       [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("") |          Out-Null              $  objForm = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.FolderBrowserDialog             $  objForm.Rootfolder = $  RootFolder             $  objForm.Description = $  Description             $  Show = $  objForm.ShowDialog()             If ($  Show -eq "OK")             {                 Return $  objForm.SelectedPath             }             Else             {                 Write-Error "Operation cancelled by user."             }         }   $  Folder = Select-FolderDialog                                                     $  updates1 = get-childitem -path $  folder -file -r                                 $  updates = $                                                         [void][reflection.assembly]::loadwithpartialname("Microsoft.Updateservices.administration")  $  updatescope = New-Object Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.UpdateScope  $  updatescope.FromArrivalDate = [datetime]"12/31/2018"    $  Getupdate = (get-wsusserver).getupdates($  updatescope)      foreach ($  Update in $  Getupdate)  {  $  cab = $  update.getinstallableitems().files.fileuri.segments | select-object -last 1           foreach ($  item in $  updates) {if ($  item -eq $  cab) {$  list = $  list + $}                           }  } import-module 'd:\"SCCMServer"\ConfigurationManager.psd1'    cd S01: $  Softwareupdates = get-cmsoftwareupdate -datepostedmin "31.12.2018"       foreach ($  Softwareupdate in $  Softwareupdates) {                                                Unique=Softwareupdate.CI_UniqueID           foreach ($  li in $  list){                                                                    if ($  li -eq $  Unique) {$  Finallist = $  Finallist + $  Softwareupdate.CI_ID}                                 }      } New-CMSoftwareUpdateGroup -name "Test" -UpdateId $  Finallist                 

The idea is, that I collect all the filenames, of the Content I have, run them against the WSUS Server, so I can figure out the Unique_ID. Then I run the Unique_ID’s against the SCCM so I can get the IDs, with which I can create an Software update Group. So far the theory.

If i run the script, i get about 800 Update files. These result in about 250 Unique_ID’s, which result in about 35 IDs for the SCCM. When i try to download those, i will run into a download error.

If my logic would be correct, this shouldn’t have happened, right?

Is my logic correct? or was it bad coding, since I am no powershell expert?

Thanks for your opinion and sorry for the messy code formatting, as well as my bad English.

Have a nice day.

WSUS View Resets After Each Load

I have a fresh installation of WSUS on a brand new Windows Server 2016. I setup my WSUS views and closed the window. When I reopened it all my views were gone. I tried to open Update Services through MMC and save it that way but it didn’t help. Pretty much every time I open WSUS it goes back to default view. Has anyone has this problem and figured out how to fix this?

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