Site is not secure unless someone types in “www.”

so we connected our domain with HubSpot CMS. They only support SSL for subdomains, so when someone does not type in "www." they are prompted with a security warning. They told me I needed to set up a redirect through GoDaddy for it to always go to the root domain (

In GoDaddy’s forwarding section I see one that says "Domain" and the other says "Subdomain".

What do I type in each of these boxes so that my site goes to no matter what someone types in?

Can a webpage differ in content if ‘http’ is changed to ‘https’ or if ‘www.’ is added after ‘http://’ (or ‘https://’)?

When I use the Python package newspaper3k package and run the code

import newspaper paper ='', memoize_articles=False) for url in paper.article_urls():     print(url) 

I get a list of URLs for articles that I can download, in which both these URLs exist


As can be seen, the only difference between the two URLs is the s in https.

The question is, can the webpage content differ simply because an s is added to http? If I scrape a news source (in this case, do I need to download both articles to be sure I don’t miss any article, or are they guaranteed to have the same content so that I can download only one of them?

I have also noticed that some URLs also are duplicated by adding www. after the http:// (or https://). I have the same question here: Can this small change cause the webpage content to differ, and is this something I should take into account or can I simply ignore one of these two URLs?

My root domain is not resolving to my server, but the www. subdomain works fine

I have the DNS configured like this:

enter image description here

So, my domain is working as With www there is no problem, but with non-www like it’s not working.

As you can see, my DNS records are pointing in record to the NS Actually, is pointing to my server’s IP.

What could be the problem which is causing not to work while does work?

IIS 8 URL rewrite for www. and HTTPS

I’ve been having some trouble configuring URL rewrite properly and some of the websites that have canonical rewrite rules for non www to www. don’t play well with a URL rewrite rule for HTTP to https.

I’m getting ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED when I have both rules enabled. Is there another way to configure both to work together.

If i swap the order of both rules the i get this error:

Can’t connect securely to this page