SQLMAP Redirect using xampp

I am learning SQLi using sqlmap and xampp, I set up same way as per tutorial but when i run sqlmap.py -u “http://localhost/bwapp/sqli_1.php?title=1*” , the error got 302 redirect to http://localhost:80/bwapp/login.php and when i clicked either yes or no ,then the error “you have not declared cookies , while server wants to set its own….”. May I know how to solve this issue?

Installing xampp on virtual box?

I started learning PHP and I wanted to practice PHP code using xampp or wamp server. But after reading this and doing some google research,I thought that installing server software on my home pc might be dangerous. I thought it would be better to install xampp server on a virtual box.
Is this a good idea? Is there any security concerns should i be worried about?
Is installing xampp server on a virtual machine is actually better than installing it on my home computer?

Small company network SSL -> xampp + SSL + subjectAltName [duplicate]

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i have issue about SSL cerf. in small local network. One of the computers is server with apache (xampp), there is basic website called site.test

When i created certification, all works only when im located on LOCALHOST and address is marked site.test

If i wanna connect from another computer and ping via cmd SERVER PC address i got answer from server, so its connected between. But i cannot connect with address: site.test and when i type IP addr of pc ( – because its local) my CHROME (78.0.3904.97) give me err:


I’m also configured http-vhosts.conf AND htt-ssl.conf + hosts file to define localhost is site.test

I think there is some problem with subjectAltName, but how to fix? because im my cert. log ive seen all DNS what im using in my local network.

Thanks. Have a nice day.

---------------------------------------[ hosts ]---------------------------------------       site.test   ---------------------------------------[ http-vhosts.conf ]---------------------------------------          <VirtualHost *:80>             ServerAdmin --hidden just here on forum--             DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/"             ServerName site.test             ServerAlias *.site.test              ##ErrorLog "logs/dummy-host.example.com-error.log"             ##CustomLog "logs/dummy-host.example.com-access.log" common         </VirtualHost>          <VirtualHost site.test:443>             ServerAdmin --hidden just here on forum--             DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/"             ServerName site.test       ServerAlias *.site.test         SSLEngine on         SSLCertificateFile "C:/xampp/apache/conf/ssl.crt/server.crt"         SSLCertificateKeyFile "C:/xampp/apache/conf/ssl.key/server.key"          ##ErrorLog "logs/dummy-host2.example.com-error.log"         ##CustomLog "logs/dummy-host2.example.com-access.log" common     </VirtualHost>      <VirtualHost>         ServerAdmin --hidden just here on forum--         DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/"         ServerName site.test         ServerAlias *.site.test         SSLEngine on         SSLCertificateFile "C:/xampp/apache/conf/ssl.crt/server.crt"         SSLCertificateKeyFile "C:/xampp/apache/conf/ssl.key/server.key"          ##ErrorLog "logs/dummy-host2.example.com-error.log"         ##CustomLog "logs/dummy-host2.example.com-access.log" common     </VirtualHost>    ---------------------------------------[ CERT LOG ]---------------------------------------      Certificate:         Data:             Version: 3 (0x2)             Serial Number:                 64:c7:90:f4:85:83:99:6e:8f:f7:35:3d:4c:3d:0b:dc:16:ba:14:a4             Signature Algorithm: sha256WithRSAEncryption             Issuer: C = US, ST = NY, L = New York, O = "Example, LLC", CN = site.test, emailAddress = test@example.com             Validity                 Not Before: Nov 17 15:43:03 2019 GMT                 Not After : Nov 16 15:43:03 2020 GMT             Subject: C = US, ST = NY, L = New York, O = "Example, LLC", CN = site.test, emailAddress = test@example.com             Subject Public Key Info:                 Public Key Algorithm: rsaEncryption                     RSA Public-Key: (2048 bit)                     Modulus:                         00:e1:69:5a:97:07:37:0d:f4:4e:7c:3b:33:74:5d:                         47:8f:54:19:41:55:72:e6:6f:6e:81:03:b8:82:a2:                         20:c2:0c:9d:6d:de:61:98:cc:a6:ff:f0:40:8c:47:                         b4:de:bf:c1:16:3b:ec:51:e3:e6:82:7e:27:e3:45:                         98:2e:c3:9f:b2:25:51:8f:22:9d:f0:81:eb:aa:bb:                         60:c7:9a:50:92:af:bc:cb:be:3c:91:5b:11:f6:0e:                         b6:ec:1e:61:53:23:a8:b3:f0:fc:da:a9:9e:85:69:                         26:12:7c:fe:90:5c:f3:2f:ed:36:a0:f1:54:74:41:                         36:2d:6b:8e:b5:a2:87:44:3a:0c:94:86:d5:a5:68:                         71:fa:29:25:c1:fc:c2:62:f2:10:6f:01:df:60:16:                         8f:6b:9c:0e:61:55:39:29:04:8f:36:0b:92:4e:a3:                         e8:4c:0a:35:2e:5e:bb:58:bd:94:bd:bb:bc:5f:bb:                         59:83:69:e6:af:25:11:04:b8:7d:b6:77:a5:bb:30:                         87:d3:cf:f9:cc:6b:70:34:58:d5:6b:8d:21:9e:33:                         11:e5:54:57:e5:57:41:e9:b3:4a:de:15:f7:15:a9:                         76:8b:54:d3:aa:05:bd:17:13:47:77:67:ec:ba:36:                         44:bc:03:11:eb:c7:a1:e8:28:9d:7b:fe:24:8e:48:                         e5:35                     Exponent: 65537 (0x10001)             X509v3 extensions:                 X509v3 Subject Key Identifier:                     15:E5:68:E5:86:07:9D:EC:FD:92:2C:44:1C:1D:74:49:D9:12:25:5F                 X509v3 Authority Key Identifier:                     keyid:15:E5:68:E5:86:07:9D:EC:FD:92:2C:44:1C:1D:74:49:D9:12:25:5F                  X509v3 Basic Constraints:                     CA:FALSE                 X509v3 Key Usage:                     Digital Signature, Key Encipherment                 X509v3 Subject Alternative Name:                     DNS:site.test, DNS:, DNS:                 Netscape Comment:                     OpenSSL Generated Certificate         Signature Algorithm: sha256WithRSAEncryption              60:1a:3a:07:60:3c:66:f4:d7:ab:3e:49:3f:99:d6:f0:12:6d:              6f:da:49:aa:17:a5:8a:8c:02:2a:77:73:c1:47:47:c5:aa:1a:              ba:56:0f:dc:59:1d:0c:df:3b:33:20:c7:b5:c9:44:4e:51:d8:              b2:ad:e7:1f:34:2e:f3:9f:e3:e7:4c:20:84:19:92:d7:da:9f:              12:d9:0e:5c:41:6b:10:28:14:58:90:da:56:2c:18:a5:17:71:              f5:2f:88:0b:51:2f:48:2e:01:79:a3:2b:7d:8b:c5:2e:a9:75:              c1:cc:4b:9b:58:61:9d:16:06:b8:d5:0e:35:2f:11:dd:44:c1:              db:dd:f5:81:2d:f5:9e:bd:5c:78:21:28:3f:0c:18:24:77:a2:              15:c5:55:c2:0f:d4:cf:b1:13:26:32:a4:11:09:4f:50:6a:6d:              ef:6b:d5:ab:7c:4c:1c:98:52:e0:04:f7:8f:8d:59:81:21:69:              47:50:4b:4e:89:32:22:72:09:3e:b4:c0:a4:1d:30:c6:0a:9e:              17:b7:7d:0b:6a:ca:cc:ae:9d:53:4b:f3:61:d5:19:d8:80:e5:              22:c2:8e:5f:0e:b2:5e:9a:7e:bb:f7:7e:86:04:0b:2d:d6:ad:              89:78:64:81:76:15:94:16:17:3f:b2:b5:02:02:4f:9d:77:46:              31:56:bb:33 

Im trying to show you situation by pics.




extension=openssl in php.ini LoadModule ssl_module modules/mod_ssl.so in httpd All uncommented.

error 1932 table doesn’t exist in engine xampp

I am using Xampp in my local pc. My mysql wasn’t running, It was closing after starting, I was looking for some answers and found an answer in this forum and thought it would solve the problem. (link is here) . But it has worsen my problem. Now mysql is opening, but seeing another error: #1932 – Table doesn’t exist in engine. Now i am unable to do anything to all my databases. Can anyone point me out what goes wrong! and give me a solution!

Note: My Xampp version is v3.2.4

Ubuntu 18.04 – XAMPP Control Panel – gksu doesn’t work

After installing XAMPP I went to look how to install the control panel, I found a post that mentioned these two commands:

1) sudo apt-get install gksu

2) gksu gedit /usr/share/applications/xampp-control-panel.desktop

However, upon running the first command I get an error (bunch of stuff so I just pasted the last line)

E: Package 'gksu' has no installation candidate

A quick google search shown that gksu is deprecated, so I’m stuck.

Could someone please help me out?

libpng warning: Application jmp_buf size changed Segmentation fault when try to run xampp installation file

I trying to install XAMPP on my ubuntu 18.04 but I got this warning from libpng by running this command:

sudo ./xampp-linux-x64-7.3.9-0-installer.run 

The thing need to be considered is that I got this warning on all versions of XAMPP. Someone already asks the same question there libpng warning : Application jmp_buf size changed – while installing XAMPP but the answer is useless. Its a humble request please help.