XEvil Captcha Service don’t work in GSA SER


I used to use XEvil Captcha Service connected to GSA SER. Then I’ve reinstaled a new Windows on my PC and as a result can’t make GSA SER working now. I’ve been testing GSA with XEvil for connection (responding) and correct work – everything seems good. But when I start the project – captcha service don’t resolve (there is no resolved or failed result, nothing changes in “captcha cell”).

XEvil Captcha Service is working correctly with Xrumer. Proxies in GSA are also working (private ones).
Log is running, but no submissions are done.

What could be the problem? 


SERENGINES + Xevil (recaptcha v2) module not working? anyone knows a fix?

i have never seen these weird parameters in Xevil before, I bought Serengines like 10 minutes ago, connected it and started the first project and now this happens. (the ones that are good, are actually from GSA SER regular projects, not SER-Engines) SERENGINES is the one creating these weird parameters.

Not only that, even the ones below with a status as OK ???? but had only 1 clicks and #0.0 
Basically it did nothing, but still states an OK message. 

I need this to work with Xevil recaptcha module, I dont wanna waste a single penny on 2captcha while I got a beast of a machine that can solve thousands of recaptchas without breaking a sweat.

So hopefully there’s a quick fix for this, i want to move forward, not backwards by buying a captcha service. 

Разгадывание капчи с картинки??? Xevil

Всем привет кто может подсказать, что означает ошибка данная? Отправляю капчу на разгадывание из зеннопостера. Капчу отправляю картинкой, эмуляция в Xevil идет нормально, а дальше затык. https://ibb.co/wyyxvrs

Подскажите, как исправить данный вопрос и заставить xevil принимать эту капчу?

Xevil not working with GSA after update

So ever since an update to GSA a couple months ago(2.18) Xevil has ceased to work with GSA, whereas before it was working just fine.  Seeing how the problem appeared right after a GSA update, the issue seems to be caused by a change made to GSA.  I have tried all of the suggestions offered in this forum for this issue yet the issue still persists and many of us are unable to use xevil with GSA to this day.  I ask that the GSA team give a closer look to this issue so that we can all use xevil with GSA, which is undoubtedly the best solution for recaptcha solving.