Real-time Whiteboard using XMPP

I have been looking for implementation of real-time whiteboard application using XMPP. This is my research project and I have been studying XMPP itself and other research paper related to real-time groupware system. Unfortunately I haven’t found any documented work done related to XMPP other than


The problem is that these are obsolete and deferred and no longer approved for production.

Is XMPP not suitable for such application and maybe that is why no proper work has been done on it ?

I know it is a bit opinion based question I apologies for that. If that is the case then please can you refer me other places where I can ask regarding this.

How to mount my own xmpp server in my pc?

I just want to mount my own xmpp server and need some way to get this purpose. I just thought using openfire but i have some questions before to setup it.

The first thing which are the steps? The second i must to open ports to setup my own xmpp server or just using internet is enough?

Could someone guide me a little to setup my own server in a easy way.

How would an XMPP client and server work over non-clearnet domain names? (.bit, .emc, etc.)

I’m thinking of buying a non-clearnet domain name to host an XMPP server and I was wondering how I’d get an XMPP client, with its registration and connection screen requesting a server address/domain, to successfully integrate the same as any other clearnet address.

What would the roadblocks be? Would the user’s device have to be set up with the ability to access the .bit domains? Would the browser also? Or could it be achieved just on the XMPP client’s end, or the server’s end?

I’m not sure if the client, where it is hosted, has to be able to communicate with the non-clearnet server – or the person’s device has to be able to.

XMPP Ejabberd – Android 8

Does XMPP Ejabberd work on Android 8? Is it supportive

to notify you about the XMPP ejabberd new version. If we go with the old version (existing code) of it, then it will not work on android version 8 and above. If you want to go with the old version, we can set up the server and provide you build, but the user will not receive foreground notification of the chat