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Synch Yahoo Calendar with a Calendar App on Android phone

Yahoo states on their website that the native Android Calendar doesn’t support CalDAV and therefore cannot be used to synch with the Yahoo Calendar. Yahoo adds that there are a variety of 3rd party calendar apps available on Google Play Store that can be installed on an Android Phone and will synch with Yahoo Calendar.

Does anyone know which specific 3rd party Calendar App can be installed on an Android phone and successfully synch with Yahoo Calendar?

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My yahoo business email was hacked

I’ve been unable to speak with a specialist for days. I spent more time on hold than I care to count. I did learn from an Yahoo error message that my account cannot be recovered online, and I need to contact a Yahoo specialist. i’m redirected thru a link that starts the nightmare all over again. I’ve been holding today for 1 hour, 53 minutes, and I don’t dare hang up. The # I dialed is 866.781.9246. I read one or two sources who said the account can not be recovered.

Do all email clients (Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc) always send emails in multi-mime format and include a plain text version of the body?

I am trying to design a mail integration to a system but I have to process emails as they come. One of my decisions is based on whether I can be 100% sure that email client always send a plain text version of the message body regardless if the user actually writes it in HTML

How to deal with spam mails in spam folder in Yahoo Mail

Lately, my spam folder has been invaded by various spam emails. I have to check the spam folder every day because there is a risk that some non-spam emails can fall into the spam folder. As the number of spam emails increases, it gets harder for me to check false positives, so there is a risk I can miss non-spam emails.

Spammers can easily manipulate From and Date values in their emails. See the Date column of my spam folder in the following image. It prevents me to check them correctly by date as the date sorting becomes incorrect.

Actually, I was expecting from Yahoo Mail to track spam trends dynamically and block their IP addresses permanently. In this way, the number of spam emails can be reduced. Maybe I’m wrong and there is a setting for this in Yahoo Mail.

What can I do to permanently block those spammers so that I can have a cleaner spam inbox?

Below is the screenshot of the latest situation of my spam inbox:

spam inbox

Formating a number with specific spacing. (pulling option chains from Yahoo!)

I’m attempting to pull a particular option value from Yahoo! into Google Sheets. The base URL is:

When breaking the formula up, I have to concatenate several fields into the last part of URL. The breakdown is: + SYMBOL + DATE + C/P + PRICE

The price has to have 5 integers, followed by a decimal point, followed by 3 integers. If the price does not fill all characters, a zero has to be inserted.

For example: 125.00 has to be 00125.000 and 47.50 would be 00047.500.

What I’m trying to figure out is how to take a price in format of xx.xx or xxx.xx and add the correct amount of 0s to complete the link.

Please let me know if my explanation above doesn’t make sense or I have to add more data. Cells where data is being pulled from are arbitrary.