Yahoo search engine bug gsa ser? anyone else experienced this…

Hi, whenever I use scrapebox with yahoo engine selected it finds massive amounts of url’s, really good ones too (after loading them up in GSA PI it’s very accurate with footprints provided from GSA SER footprint studio) 
But, whenever I de-select all search engines in gsa ser project except for Yahoo. 
i only get “may be blocked by search engine, and displaying proxy” or something like that?

But the thing is, I use these same proxies for Scrapebox, so  I know it’s a GSA SER error… but what is the error? user-agent? i never seen options in gsa ser for user-agents, but this is the first thing that came to mind.. anyone knows if you can edit user-agents in GSA SER?

.htaccess allowing google, bing, yahoo, facebook

Can anyone create a .htaccess hotlinking rule for me allowing google all domains (.com,,, .au etc.) + + +

Please i request you i’m completely noob in programming. I could have done it using any online hotlink htaccess generator but in that case i have to individually add all google domains which is very time consuming. If there is any way rule in which any domain containing .google. are allowed to hotlinking please tell me.

Note: Please its urgent for me because many image scraper sites targeting my images

Buy Yahoo accounts Bulk

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Yahoo groups is going away: can I use Mathematica to download the old messages?

It looks like all the old email messages from my group are stored in web pages with URLs that look like this:


That’s email number 19291, and the others have the same form but different numbers at the end. What I am hoping to do is to grab all the old messages. The problem is that:

ans = Import[page] 

returns stuff that begins with “Sorry, an error occurred while loading the content.” From the look of it, I’m guess that the problem is that my Import statement is not “logged in” to the website, and so it is rejecting the request. Does anyone know how to “log in” to the yahoo site (to enable downloading of the old emails)?


You should contact Yahoo Support on an urgent basis if you notice any abnormal behaviour with your Yahoo Account, such as your account being accessed from different locations or your credentials getting changed itself. In these circumstances, you need quick action to secure your account, and the best available option is to directly reach to yahoo mail customer service phone number who can quickly help you to change your password and recover your account and also provide you advice to ensure that you don’t face the same problems again in future.

Yahoo Calendar

I've been trying to import my Google calendar into my new Yahoo calendar, however, Google sends the link/file as an .ical and Yahoo is looking for a .ics file. How do I overcome this issue so that i can import my Google calendar events into my Yahoo calendar ?
If that's not possible, is there a way to at least sync my Google calendar with my Yahoo calendar?


How to contact Yahoo about “My Yahoo”

I am having problems with the sports window in "My Yahoo" but cannot find out how to contact them to try and fix the problem. –Just in case someone here can help with that problem:

Ever since football season began, My Yahoo has been giving me football scores ahead of my 2 favorite sports: Baseball and Basketball (Dodgers and Lakers). The problem is that I do not care at all about football as in I am not a football fan and do not care about their scores. However, when I go to the settings,…

How to contact Yahoo about "My Yahoo"

chrome is mishandling yahoo email after upgrading to ubuntu 18.04.3

Using a Dell OptiPlex-790 running recently upgraded Ubuntu 18.04.3, GNOME 3.28.2. When in Yahoo Mail, trying to delete an email by clicking on the trash can, the delete fails. It seems it simply reloads yahoo mail. The same happens when checking the email box and clicking on delete. Yahoo mail works fine using Firefox.

How can I switch back to the older Yahoo mail version?

Yahoo has undergone some significant changes in its interface recently. There are still millions of users out there who don’t prefer to go with this updated version and wants to stay with the old one. Though the Yahoo newer version is quite intriguing, it tends to consume a lot more data and also requires an additional time to get upload on the system. The answer to this query lies in the Yahoo account settings itself where you can easily switch back to the basic version. Connect with the…

How can I switch back to the older Yahoo mail version?