How to contact Yahoo about “My Yahoo”

I am having problems with the sports window in "My Yahoo" but cannot find out how to contact them to try and fix the problem. –Just in case someone here can help with that problem:

Ever since football season began, My Yahoo has been giving me football scores ahead of my 2 favorite sports: Baseball and Basketball (Dodgers and Lakers). The problem is that I do not care at all about football as in I am not a football fan and do not care about their scores. However, when I go to the settings,…

How to contact Yahoo about "My Yahoo"

chrome is mishandling yahoo email after upgrading to ubuntu 18.04.3

Using a Dell OptiPlex-790 running recently upgraded Ubuntu 18.04.3, GNOME 3.28.2. When in Yahoo Mail, trying to delete an email by clicking on the trash can, the delete fails. It seems it simply reloads yahoo mail. The same happens when checking the email box and clicking on delete. Yahoo mail works fine using Firefox.

How can I switch back to the older Yahoo mail version?

Yahoo has undergone some significant changes in its interface recently. There are still millions of users out there who don’t prefer to go with this updated version and wants to stay with the old one. Though the Yahoo newer version is quite intriguing, it tends to consume a lot more data and also requires an additional time to get upload on the system. The answer to this query lies in the Yahoo account settings itself where you can easily switch back to the basic version. Connect with the…

How can I switch back to the older Yahoo mail version?

Why Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails? | Yahoo Mail Issues

There are so many reasons behind Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails into the inbox of Yahoo mail. For this, you may also contact our Yahoo Customer Service but before that, you can also try the beneath simple steps:

  1. Confirm that your Internet Connection Is Fine
  2. One reason also occurs here that Yahoo Mail Down in your area or state.
  3. Clean the browser, delete the browser history, clear cache, and cookies, or reset the browser
  4. It is important to Update your system from…

Why Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails? | Yahoo Mail Issues

Yahoo mail domain change issues

I have a friend’s facebook account which was connected to domain. For password recovery, the password reset mail is sent to mail.

However, I came to know that yahoo mail has stopped providing .in domain now and only use .com domain. Upon creation of a new id, a mail with is created. And we are not able to fetch mails that are sent to account. Also, fb does not allow to change password without mail. Is there any way we can log in to the fb account and get out of this loop?