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SQL – Date Range Broken Down by Individual Month and Year while maintaining the ID

I need help breaking down a date range, from an existing table, into the individual month and year of the date range while maintaining the Identification Number assigned to that date range. Thanks!

CREATE TABLE #TEMP (BILL_YR INT, BEGIN_DT DATETIME, END_DT DATETIME )  INSERT INTO #TEMP (BILL_YR, BEGIN_DT, END_DT) VALUES ('1','2019-01-01','2019-12-31'), ('2','2020-01-01','2020-12-31') 


BILL_YR MONTH    YEAR 1       1        2019 1       2        2019 1       3        2019 1       4        2019 1       5        2019 1       6        2019 1       7        2019 1       8        2019 1       9        2019 1       10       2019 1       11       2019 1       12       2019 2       1        2020 2       2        2020 2       3        2020 2       4        2020 2       5        2020 2       6        2020 2       7        2020 2       8        2020 2       9        2020 2       10       2020 2       11       2020 2       12       2020 

What is the year in Dale Reckoning for Rime of the Frostmaiden?

Various internet sources claim to set the new Icewind Dale adventure at 1450s Dale Reckoning time.

Spoiler alert?

The entry for Auril in appendix C states that she could not stay away for long after the Sundering. It does not say Second Sundering, but I assume it’s not referring to the first.

Assuming a few years past before Auril returned, I’m assuming the intended setting for this is approximately 1491 DR. Which would make sense because that’s close to the reset-button epoch for 5E.

I’m just trying to clarify this point for some of my players because it matters which gods might be hanging around. I know I have liberty as a DM, and it was probably intentionally left vague. I was just curious what the community thought because it’s not super clear from my research and there seems to be disagreement. Can somebody line this up with the novels’ chronology? Thanks!

How to decide to use, then how to use an http gofile.me url in an email, explained to a five year old?

I’m terrified of clicking on links in emails, and yet a colleague insists I do.

When I receive an email in my gmail account that contains links of the form http://gofile.me/xxxxx/yyyyyyyyy along with its password, apparently sent from someone I know and expect it from, and who has supplied the password for the link to their NAS right next to it, should I try to overcome my fear of clicking on links in emails and consider clicking on it as at least fairly safe? Should I instead copy it paste it in a new tab?

The idea is that the document is evolving so the link will provide the latest version, but should I insist the colleague email me the document directly?

tl;dr: Should I

  1. click url
  2. copy/paste url in new tab
  3. balk, request document be emailed each time

If possible, can an answer be written in simple language?

Cropped, blanked out screenshot from email I received in my gmail:

partial screenshot of emailed urls

Will there be a grace period for the CA change to mandatory 1 year?

certificate lifespans limited to 1 year in browsers. [![Certificate expired][1]][1]

As I can see some sites were working yesterday and today they are not working so my guess is browsers have a grace period set in them. Maybe this is based on the Certificate Authority. [1]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/9DFUS.png

Where is the best place to check for this? Will the canary build handle this check for me so we can see the failure early on? What is the best way to handle spread out certificates in a centralised location?

similar question here

What are the sales figures for Pathfinder 2e between launch year and second year to date?

Pathfinder 2nd edition officially hit gaming tables almost a full year ago. Since then, I’ve noticed quite a lack of questions on this site with the pathfinder-2e tag compared to other systems, and I doubt it’s because of a corresponding lack of rules ambiguity.

I know that 5th edition is Dungeons & Dragons’ most successful edition yet; has Paizo released any information about the financial reception of 2nd edition?

How is the company doing compared to last year at this time?

MySQL – Year Over Year – Query Syntax


I am working on a query to get Year over Year data comparison from current year to prior year.

For example, if current year is Jan 1st – now, I would calc that dynamically in my query but also bring in the previous year data for the same time frame (does that make sense?).

Here is my projection query that brings in current year and prior year but the data is dynamic yet static if that makes sense. CY is focusing on all of YTD while PY is doing entire PY.

How would I match PY to mimic what CY is doing essentially giving me all the data that I am needing from PY to do the comparison.

I would appreciate your help in advance.

        current_4wk_sales.store_no as 'store_no',         current_4wk_sales.store_name as 'store_name',         current_4wk_sales.zee_name as 'franchisee',         current_4wk_sales.marketing_source as 'region',         current_4wk_sales.cy_projections as 'cy_projections',         prev_wk_sales.prev_year_sales as 'prev_year_sales',         round(((current_4wk_sales.cy_projections - prev_wk_sales.prev_year_sales) / prev_wk_sales.prev_year_sales), 2) * 100 as 'percent_chng' from (     select store.store_uin,            store.store_no,            store.store_name,            store.zee_name,            store.marketing_source,            round((((sum(ro.total_sales - ro.taxes) / 100)) / (DAYOFYEAR(current_date() - INTERVAL 2 DAY))) * 365, 2) as 'cy_projections'      from cba_data_warehouse.raw_tm_data ro     join cba_data_warehouse.storeinfo store on ro.store_no = store.store_no     where posted_date between MAKEDATE(EXTRACT(YEAR FROM CURDATE()),1) and LAST_DAY(DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL 12-MONTH(NOW()) MONTH)) and ro.repair_order_status_id in (5,6)     group by store.store_uin, store.store_no, store.store_name     order by store.store_no asc ) as current_4wk_sales left join (     select         store.store_uin,         store.store_no,         store.store_name,         store.zee_name,         store.marketing_source,         round(sum(ro.total_sales - ro.taxes) / 100,2) as prev_year_sales      from cba_data_warehouse.raw_tm_data ro     join cba_data_warehouse.storeinfo store on ro.store_no = store.store_no     where ro.repair_order_status_id in (5, 6)     and ro.posted_date between MAKEDATE(year(now() - INTERVAL 1 YEAR),1) and DATE(CURDATE()- INTERVAL DAYOFYEAR(CURDATE()) DAY)     group by store.store_uin, store.store_no, store.store_name     order by store.store_no asc ) prev_wk_sales on prev_wk_sales.store_uin = current_4wk_sales.store_uin                 and prev_wk_sales.store_no = current_4wk_sales.store_no                 and prev_wk_sales.store_name = current_4wk_sales.store_name```  Thanks in advance!