Is there a point after so many years that mathematical material published on the Wikipedia should just be considered published?

Look up the phrase “iterated function” on Google. The first match is the Iterated Function page on Wikipedia. Five years ago I found unattributed and unpublished material on the Wikipedia page under Fractional iterates and flows, and negative iterates. Extensive searches determined that the material could be found in only two places, on my web site and on Wikipedia. So I requested an attribution be made on the Iterated Function page to make the entry compliant with Wikipedia policy. No response, so I added an attribution to my website at

Five years later, no response. The issue was escalated repeatedly to the Talk:Iterated_function page and then the WikiProject Mathematics page. A detailed looked will reveal that I didn’t add the material, but neither can I edit the material without my edits being removed. In other words, this article has a life of its own that I can’t impact.

I have submitted two articles for publication, so I am trying to reduce the dichotomy between how mathematical publishing works and how mathematics is disseminated through the web. But I can’t help but wonder how many people have looked at this article in the last five years and if their collective scrutiny doesn’t surpass what any single referee is likely to provide.

Plain mean harrassment, this has been going on for almost 7 years

Hello my name is Jacqueline Setree. I married a man that has terrified me for 7 years now. I am on my knees begging google PLEASE, PLEASE make him stop. I sort of understood that by marrying him that he could do what ever he likes as far as my phones,computer and all of my privacy. Since marrying him I have I have had a massive stroke and the horrible list just goes on forever. I am such a private person I even called the police and they are going to try and make a case. I bought a brand new computer which he is in it. I went to best buy and had it factory reset well I guess I learned real quick that you can back door almost any computer. I am now a single woman trying to find work and I really need my computer. O and I also had my phone replaced 4 or 5 times since February. PLEASE GOOGLE HELP ME. thank you Jacqueline

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UK visa refusal due to wrong record from 9 years ago

I’m helping my significant other (who lives in another country) to apply for a visitor visa to the UK. They have never been here, but they got refused once before almost 10 years ago (something about lack of ties) together with the other people that applied with them (it was a group that hoped to visit the UK for a summer language school). Unfortunately, they got refused again. This is the letter:

visa refusal letter, with PII obscured

I was already mentally prepared to try to find an explanation (possibly they changed job title in 2007, and that’s why the document in 2009 might have had a different date than in the latest application), so that we could apply again, with an explanation for the discrepancy that made it obvious that it was a mistake without any intention of deception. (I know that applying again would make sense only if we can provide further documentation. Hopefully more detailed employment information and a written apology would be enough to demonstrate good faith)

But then they retrieved the application from 2009, with the attached document for employment confirmation. You can see the original here:

original employment confirmation with PII obfuscated

And this is the translation:

translation of employment confirmation with PII obfuscated

As you can see, nowhere is the “1st January 2007” date mentioned, nor 2007 at all.

I’m now a bit lost: we cannot appeal, so the only thing we can do is to apply again with amended documentation, but the documentation we have contradicts the reason for the refusal!

It’s been 3 weeks now since they originally sent the application, (for some reason the reply arrived today even if the letter is dated 09 May) and the flight ticket has already been purchased. To have any hope of avoiding a change of plans, I think that the only venue we have is to try to apply again (rather than an appeal), possibly with the expedited process (which I understand would take only a couple of days) to allow for more time for us to change plans in case things will go wrong.

I don’t think that contacting a solicitor would really help us (given that we cannot appeal), but what should we provide if applying again? If they think that we’re being deceptive, a further refusal under 3.7 would be extremely inconvenient.

The obvious thing would be to send copies of the old documentation, in which the correct year can be clearly seen. Maybe by attaching a brief letter that points out that the old application and the newer one are not in conflict.

But maybe the bureaucracy won’t easily accept a mistake on their part? Maybe we should apologize even for a mistake that we haven’t made? What kind of justification for a non-existing discrepancy could we ever provide? (I don’t think this is a good idea).

I appreciate any feedback or suggestion you can provide. Thank you.

Create a list of user whose home directories have no files newer than 7 years

I have an old storage with hundreds of user home directories. I want to reclaim some disk space by deleting all “old” home dirs. It’s on a linux server, RHEL 6. I want to delete the entire home dir., but only if there are no files that have been create, modified, updated or accessed, in under 7 years. Does anyone have any idea how to build a script to do this?


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Website not improving for 3 years

I feel so discouraged having had a website for 3 years and I still haven’t reaped any noticeable benefits coming from it.
I used to write content once every week, only a couple ranked. For the past few months, I stopped
putting up new content because of school. Now I graduated and I have the time but I don’t know where
to start. The few posts that had ranked are no longer in the first page. I’m barely getting any views or clicks.
In the analytics and performance images, you can see how much my website has deteriorated. It’s like I’m
back to level 1. I made this website in the hope that I would have a personal income and become independent.
I’m only 17 and I have so much to learn. I’m still hosting this website thanks to my father’s support, but I
fear that he may tell me to take down the site as it’s useless and wasting money.
Can someone please give me an advice? I chose this niche because it’s something I’m interested about.
I didn’t know it would be this tough.
Here’s the site: