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Selling because no time for looking after it due to other projects.

Traffic is about 50 users average daily. (Can give you analytics screenshot if needed)

Price: $ 199

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I am Graphic Designer with 3+ years of experience in Graphics Industury. for $15

I am Graphic Designer with 3+ years of experience in Graphics Industury. I expertise in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Lightroom and AutoCAD.I believe in delivering quality services to my all clients. My clients are 10/10 satisfied with my services.

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Overstayed 18 years in the US

I overstayed for 18 years in the US. I had an H1B that expired in 2004 that abled me to get an SSN. The expiration of my H1B wasn’t my fault but because of technical reasons. I continued working for different employers and never missed paying and filing for my taxes. I have no criminal record. I’m not in the US any longer. Is it possible or just a suicide for me to apply for a new US visa under my maiden name. If possible, any advice? Thank you

Calculating average in SSRS Matrix Table alongside filtered columns to separate out current versus previous years

I have a dataset, returned from a SQL query, that has the following data:

  • YEAR

The data set spans the years 2014 through 2019. The TYPE_CODE has 6 different values.

How do I setup an SSRS matrix to provide the following layout and data:

enter image description here

So far I have a matrix setup (see the pic below) that has a row group (TYPE_CODE1) for the TYPE_CODE data, and two column groups (YEAR_PREV and YEAR_CURRENT) that are filtered as follows: – The second column in the matrix is the YEAR_PREV group, and is filtered to not show 2019 data (YEAR <> 2019) – The 4th column in the matrix is the YEAR_CURRENT group, and is filtered to only show 2019 data (YEAR = 2019)


This method correctly splits my data, with the green highlighted columns in the pic below representing what is correct:

enter image description here

What is not correct is the average column, as I cannot figure out how to setup that column to only average the columns to the left (the previous years – 2015-2018) and not include the column to the right (2019).

I have tried several different expressions to no avail, primarily trying to limit the count function to only the YEAR_PREV group, like so:

  =count(Fields!TYPE_CODE.Value, "PREV_YEAR")/4 

This throws an error telling me that something along the lines of “group cannot be used in aggregate function…”.

How do I calculate the average column correctly?

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