Is Lost Mines of Phandelver’s Young Green Dragon too much for a group of level 3 characters?

My group of 8 level 3 players are about to run through the Thundertree Ruins and will probably have a hand at fighting the dragon. My question stems from the fact that a single poison breath attack from the dragon will outright kill all but 1 player assuming they fail their saving throws.

I understand this encounter is supposed to be ridiculously deadly, but I don’t want to be punishing my players for testing the lengths at which they can fight stuff. A fight should be challenging and they should be able to try and run away, but instant obliteration seems a bit much.

All PCs are level 3 (HP in parenthesis):

  • Wood elf moon druid (27)
  • dwarven frenzy barbarian (44)
  • fire genasi archer ranger (37) (pseudodragon companion (12))
  • wood elf assassin rogue (27)
  • human wild magic sorcerer (22)
  • dragonborn fighter (29)
  • human monk (24)
  • human fighter (32)

Is a young black dragon enough of a challenge alone for group of five level-5 characters?

I have a 5-member party in D&D 5e (ranger, fighter, sorcerer, rogue and bard) who are all level 5. They will soon be meeting with the “big bad”, a young black dragon, in his lair which contains pools of acid. They would most likely be fully rested before the fight.

I know the CR is 7, but I was wondering whether it would prove to be a satisfying battle, in the sense that they may come close to defeat and might be able to beat the odds.

Is this fight well-balanced? Would it be challenging?

If not, should I add some hatchlings or small mobs to adjust the action economy appropriately?

How to speed up the calculation of the number of 4 * 4 Young tableaux

I find the problem of calculating n * n Young tableaux from here. I can get the number of 3*3 Young tableaux by violent enumeration is 42:

Partition[#, 3] & /@    Select[Permutations[     Range[9]], ((#[[2]] > #[[1]]) && (#[[3]] > #[[2]]) && (#[[5]] > \ #[[4]]) && (#[[6]] > #[[5]]) && (#[[8]] > #[[7]]) && (#[[9]] > \ #[[8]]) && (#[[1]] < #[[4]]) && (#[[1]] < #[[4]]) && (#[[4]] < \ #[[7]]) && (#[[2]] < #[[5]]) && (#[[5]] < #[[8]]) && (#[[3]] < \ #[[6]]) && (#[[6]] < #[[9]])) &] // Length 

But in the case of 4 * 4, the calculation speed of my algorithm below is very slow. How can I modify it to improve the calculation speed?

Needs["Combinatorica`"] s = {}; k = 0; rule = ((#[[1]] < #[[2]]) && (#[[2]] < #[[3]]) && (#[[3]] < #[[4]]) \ && (#[[5]] < #[[6]]) && (#[[6]] < #[[7]]) && (#[[7]] < #[[8]]) && \ (#[[9]] < #[[10]]) && (#[[10]] < #[[11]]) && (#[[11]] < #[[12]]) && \ (#[[13]] < #[[14]]) && (#[[14]] < #[[15]]) && (#[[15]] < #[[16]]) && \ (#[[1]] < #[[5]]) && (#[[5]] < #[[9]]) && (#[[9]] < #[[13]]) && \ (#[[2]] < #[[6]]) && (#[[6]] < #[[10]]) && (#[[10]] < #[[14]]) && \ (#[[3]] < #[[7]]) && (#[[7]] < #[[11]]) && (#[[11]] < #[[15]]) && \ (#[[4]] < #[[8]]) && (#[[8]] < #[[12]]) && (#[[12]] < #[[16]])) &;  For[i = 1, i <= 16! - 1, i++,   If[MatchQ[Combinatorica`NthPermutation[i, Range[16]], _?(rule)],    k++;]] k 

Late to becoming interested in career in information security. How much disadvantaged am I against those talented people since young? [on hold]

relatively new to stack exchange and I was about 1 year in my career as a Network Security Engineer before I am needed now by the same company as a Special Projects Engineer to help a department set-up a software they procured which rely on SQL database architecture to work. The project basically give me multidisciplinary exposure to many aspects of IT and Computer Science, but it is fun. I am the kind who just cannot be bored or be deterred by pretty much any aspect of tech except electronics and circuitry because my Physics dept. high school just simply couldn’t teach well.

I graduated with Computer Sciecnce Degree with Computer Graphics specialization, was (and still am) an avid gamer, taught Video Games Development as a Teaching Assistant before I decided to give up going into the industry right before graduation (except if I will be going Autodesk or Nvidia, you know, non-end-user product kinda industry like games) because … well if you know about the state of the industry and the business model many AAA publishers are using. I just got disappointed to go in.

Anyways, I raised this question because especially after having been reading and hearing many stories about young teenage hackers (I think one of them included the founder of Symantec who was a black hat before turning white and started Symantec) likely having more skills at that age than where I am now, perhaps selling video game cheats, hacks, or even now, dabble in dark web stuffs far longer than I ever do, and that I am now taking up such a career, I sometimes worry how much, how hard and how long I should catch up before I can match against those who already built up talent since young in cybersecurity … or even cyber-criminal activities.

I also worry if I only get certified as a ethical hacker, I might lose out knowing the skills those black hats are capable of.

Lastly, in one conference in my country, I have a prominent CISO who, when I asked the same question, he told me not to worry too much because “those who are used to attacking are actually poor at defending.” I could not believe what I hear because, I think like in military, surely you should be under wraps while you are out there stealing data or something.

These sometimes makes me wonder, as I strengthen my organisation’s infrastructure, whether I have totally missed out something I have never known that could have been an attack vector for the hackers.

But hey, I still try to spare my free time watching BlackHat conferences online, taking courses, talking to big players in the industry, etc.

Hope somebody can share some insights on this one. Thanks.

D&D 5e Lair Action Rule Interpretations for Young Black Dragons [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Do dragons of all sizes get lair actions and regional effects? 2 answers

Page 89 of the Monster Manual describes Lair Actions and Regional Effects. It says Regional Effects only apply to Legendary Black Dragons but does not say that for Lair Actions. Does that mean Lair Actions can be used for Young and Wyrmling Dragons?

Young, one out of two of the only girls and British [duplicate]

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  • Where can I find other RPG players? 16 answers
  • How do I find a friendly, inclusive roleplay group online? 2 answers
  • Finding online RPG players for a play-by-chat RPG Campaign? 7 answers

Okay, so I’m 13/14, a dnd nerd, a beginner, in a dnd club and has seen enough of the Internet to be pretty f—ed up. I live in Cambridge, England and I really wanna find a good dnd group. I’ve never played before but I am starting a bi weekly campaign in an all boys (except me and a best friend of mine) warhammer and dnd club. It’s warhammer one week and dnd the next and so on. I have a backstory, drawing and stats for my elven character but I want to find a safe place that I could maybe join. Packed schedule but room can be made. I am open to dirty jokes, swear words and all of that but I live with my parents so yeah. Sorry if this sounds like an ad but I am genuinely looking for some nerds to chill with and play some trpg!

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