youtube embed plugin problem with live stream in WordPress

Hi I have installed on one WordPress site the plugin YouTube Embed for the integration of the channel in the site, but is not working.

I have created a project in google developer with the Youtube Data Api, inserted the key in the plugin setup page but nothing, Api key restriction based on the IP address of the server and dominion restriction useless.

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Display another YouTube playlist as default playlist, instead of Uploads

Is it possible to display another playlist instead of Uploads on my YouTube channel?

I want to keep the current videos public, but move them in another playlist and feature other new videos and do not show the other ones, unless somebody goes to that playlist or finds them using the search feature.

What is the best way to do that?

Do not mute Sound on incoming notification – Android, YouTube

Is there an option to manage sound notification behaviour on a Android phone?

Description: In the morning, I do watch YouTube lectures, but every minute or so I do receive Slack message, that mute the voice in the video for 5 seconds. It is really annoying, and hard to listen the lecture.

How it should be:

Option 1: Allow a notification to interrupt the sound/video stream without muting it (so the 'bip' would overlay/merge to the sound stream, but the video would continue). Option 2: (the current system state): Mute the application, but do not stop the video (very annoying)! Option 3: Mute the application, but stop the stream/video/music. 

I know that there are some option to mute the phone (manual), or install an app (automatic), but I do not wan’t do mute the notification itself. I do want to hear it, just without muting the sound/video/music that is currently playing!

My system Android 5, Samsung Galaxy S5

Greetings Jakub

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Why does YouTube disable the comment button until text has been entered?

YouTube disables the comment button by default, and only enables it once text has been entered:

Before: enter image description here

After: enter image description here

The general consensus on is to not disable submit buttons and wait to present errors until after the user has hit the submit button.

  • Form validation and disabled buttons
  • Disabled submit button on form vs allow submit then show errors?
  • Disabling submit-button until the user has completed the form

Does this mean YouTube is going against best UX practices? What would be the reason for this?

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Why is YouTube losing my votes?

I’ve been watching YouTube videos for many years now, and I make sure to vote on every video as a way to keep track of what I’ve actually watched. Recently a bunch of these votes have disappeared – I go back to videos I know I’ve already watched, and my vote is gone. This is not a simple case of re-uploads – we’re talking about videos across at least half a dozen channels, and most of them were uploaded many years ago. Is there some sort of upper limit to the number of votes YouTube will keep track of, or is something else going on? I also have only ever had one Google account, so that is not the issue.

The reason I noticed is that many videos I’ve already watched are showing up in my recommendations, so the recommendations are now much less useful.

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