How did YouTube know I watched a locally stored file on my computer?

I ripped a few videos from YouTube (using y2mate) about a week ago of guitar lessons from a player named John Redbourne in case they disappear. I saved them on my local hard drive in a folder called “Redbourne Guitar” and the files are named after after the songs, like “Salisbury.mp4” etc.

Anyway, I just watched one of the videos off my hard drive, and lo and behold, when I logged into YouTube, my recommended feed was full of John Redbourne videos. I haven’t searched or done anything online related to John Redbourne since I downloaded the videos. How did YouTube know I watched it?

Using Windows 10, Firefox, and played video with default “Movies and TV” app that comes with Win 10.

Youtube stats embedding?

Hi everyone,

Just a simple question I hope. I've searched and I can't find the right answer.

I can embed videos from YouTube into WordPress, but I'm wondering if it's possible to embed the total view count from my youtube channel into wordpress.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Kind regards

Put Where I Got My Pics From In Youtube Description

im starting to post videos with a couple celeb pics in them. legitimate i have the rite to use the pics

i see some people putting where they got their pics in the description of their vids. is this necessary. if i dont when i apply for monetization will they just deny me without reason and ill be stuck with nothing and cant tell them or show them where i got them. do they just decide at their own will who they think have used pics legally or just deny them

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