CAN I SELL SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS HERE? (Gmail,Instagram, Facebook, Youtube)

• Do you allow social medya accounts selling?
• no PayPal in Turkey.
• How will I deal with this? Do you have a solution?
• Thank you for your help

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( for youtube,facebook, telgraf)…

CAN I SELL SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS HERE? (Gmail,Instagram, Facebook, Youtube)

Are any of you guys having issues getting your videos to rank on YouTube?

I have a YouTube channel with 5,000+ subscribers. In the past when I would upload a video it would take off almost immediately. Even the videos that didn't do so well would get at least 10 or 20 views per day right off the bat. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore. I recently uploaded four videos and not a single one has taken off. Has YouTube recently changed their algorithms making it much harder for videos in competitive niches to rank? I'm a little confused here.

YouTube rules?

Good afternoon, dear, tell the veteran, if you have any questions on YouTube, you have any questions.

The first question is, I bought the channel before there was children's Russian content and there are 3000 subscribers, but the hours are written off, I want to do reviews on Trump in my bad English, to be honest, I just want to make money because they pay more on views for the United States.

The second question is I want to increase my views using the bot.

The third moment, I really…

YouTube rules?

How one would go about making their own YouTube video recommendation engine? [closed]

I’m looking into the possibility of creating a website that would serve as an alternative to YouTube’s video recommendations, attempting to recreate the old experience of getting lost in YouTube before the algorithm drastically changed and became what it is today.

What are the hurdles that one has to go through when building such a project? How would one pull the necessary information to use? What is the common approach when building recommendation engines? Is it even allowed by Google?

Self-research was already done, yet no sufficient answers were found.

searching for free youtube subscribers?

I'm not trying to spam or anything, i tried to grow my youtube channel using a lot of softwares and programs, and i can make it easy on you by saying that Ytmonster is the best site so far.
You can earn coins easily by subscribing to other channels or liking their videos and a lot more, and you can use more than one youtube account, if you don't want to subscribe to a lot of channels using your main account.

Google Search and YouTube search change spelling to spelling with zero results

NOTE: How to remove "Did You Mean:" from Google Search? does not answer this question. The suggested fixes in this question is to set up FB, IG, and other social media pages. We have had these for months. We have 576 Instagram followers, 293 followers on Facebook, 17,425 views on Vimeo, Youtube, Pinterest and LinkedIn presence. Here is the response in a YouTube search:

enter image description here

Let’s be clear. If you search for my company name and product name YT changes the spelling to something that doesn’t exist and suggests a video with no matching result terms (using either spelling) disparaging OTHER luxury handbags, while leaving the viewer with the impression it is referring to our handbags.


When a user searches for our business, Aslaen Vaugn, Google changes the spelling to Aslan Vaughn and displays these results:

enter image description here

If you misspell part of the name (aslan vaugn or aslaen vaughn), it shows my company at the top of the results. For the first few months it just seemed like it was taking some time to percolate, but over 7 months we have had 17,500 unique visitors and 90 backlinks.

enter image description here

The only results for Aslan Vaugn is the birth announcement of the second child of a musician in New Jersey. It is a Facebook post and has 14 likes. Google is favoring a spelling that has only two results with 14+ views over my company with dozens of results and tens of thousands of views.

How is this possible? An FB post with 14 likes is that much more popular than a business with 17,500 unique visitors and 40,000 page views (despite the Google obfuscation)? Do I have an enemy at Google? On other search engines my company covers the first few pages in results. Through Google, you cannot find our company no matter how many pages in you go. Unless you search for the term in quotes, "aslaen vaugn". In which case we cover the first few pages here like in the other search engines:

enter image description here