GSA not posting with the sites with PR more then zero

Hi, I have a hard time second day already – trying posting with the setup PR-1 – but in a hours GSA works and no one submission and verifying!!! Whats problem there, please clarify somebody. screenshot –
P.S. If I posting with PR-0 – everything is normally – posts appear. But for money site need good backlinks with high PR. Please help!

Does a Shifter Druid lose its racial Shifting benefit if its Wildshape is dropped to zero HP?

This is a follow up to my other question: Can a Shifter Druid use its racial Shifting feature in Wildshape?. The answer to that question states that a character which is a Shifter (race) and is also a Druid may use its racial Shifting ability while in Wildshape.

The Shifter racial ability states:

Once per short rest as a bonus action, you can assume a more bestial appearance. This transformation lasts for 1 minute, until you die, or until you revert to your normal appearance as a bonus action.

The Druid Wildshape ability states in part:

You can revert to your normal form earlier by using a bonus action on your turn. You automatically revert if you fall unconscious, drop to 0 hit points, or die.

If a Druid that is in Wildshape and is Shifted takes damage that drops its form to 0HP, causing the druid to revert to its normal form, does it retain the benefit of being Shifted in that normal form or does the Shift also end?

If XOR of n distinct numbers is ANDed over one of the number, the result would be zero

Say we Have n distinct numbers


And we xor the result

xoredResult = x1^x2...^xn 

And if we AND(&) with one of the number say x2 We get Zero

xoredResult & x2 = 0 

Can we always claim that if the ANDed result is zero that the number is repeated ? Can this be used to find the first repeated element in a stream of numbers ?

Zero knowledge about sdl/sdl2.h [closed]

I am beginner coder,I learn c language basics and when,when I download c4droid app and I found some c4droid examples in which the folder having SDL in which demo.c file is there,I compiled ,then I knew that sdl.h is amazing but I don’t understand anything in this program and please help me to understand this code and “HOW I COULD START LEARN SDL IN C ONLY”.please help me

#include <stdio.h> #include <SDL.h> #define WIDTH 640 #define HEIGHT 480 #define BPP 4 #define DEPTH 32  void setpixel(SDL_Surface *screen, int x, int y, Uint8 r, Uint8 g, Uint8 b) {     Uint32 *pixmem320;     Uint32 colour;        colour = SDL_MapRGB( screen->format, r, g, b);       pixmem320 = (Uint32*) screen->pixels + y + x;     *pixmem320= colour; }  void DrawScreen(SDL_Surface* screen, int h) {      int x, y, ytimesw;    if(SDL_MUSTLOCK(screen))      {         if(SDL_LockSurface(screen) < 0)          return;     }     for(y = 0; y < screen->h; y++ )      {         ytimesw = y*screen->pitch/BPP;         for( x = 0; x < screen->w; x++ )          {             setpixel(screen, x, ytimesw, (x*x)/256+3*y+h, (y*y)/256+x+h, h);         }     }     if(SDL_MUSTLOCK(screen)) SDL_UnlockSurface(screen);     SDL_Flip(screen);  }  int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {     SDL_Surface *screen;     SDL_Event event;       int keypress = 0;     int h=0;      if (SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_VIDEO) < 0 ) return 1;     if (!(screen = SDL_SetVideoMode(WIDTH, HEIGHT, DEPTH, SDL_FULLSCREEN|SDL_HWSURFACE)))     {         SDL_Quit();         return 1;     }     while(!keypress)      {          DrawScreen(screen,h++);          while(SDL_PollEvent(&event))           {                     switch (event.type)                {                   case SDL_QUIT:                   keypress = 1;                   break;                   case SDL_KEYDOWN:                   keypress = 1;                   break;               }          }     }     SDL_Quit();     return 0; } 

And this is code in c4droid examples demo.c

Can Raise Dead revive a character with zero maximum Hit Points?

So, a character died from Draining Kiss of a succubus and his Max HP is 0. Can he be restored by Raise Dead, or does he need a higher level spell? Or a Greater Restoration cast on his lifeless body before Raise dead? I’m probably interested in RAW interpretation, since the character is in Adventurerer’s league.

Reverse engineering and buffer overflows: zero to hero

When I do CTFs, I can usually cope well with and understanding everything pretty much apart from buffer overflows, binary exploitation and reverse engineering

Almost to the point that I would consider myself having zero knowledge at all. I grasp the concept at the very most basic of levels and by that I mean I can operate a mouse and keyboard

Is there anywhere that takes you from zero to hero? I’m currently doing CTFs on and have done most of them apart from reverse engineering ones. is a decent start I believe but was wondering where there was a book, an online resource that as I say, could take me from zero to hero

I understand there’s a “stack” and “memory” and “assembly language” and then after that… nothing.

Specifically – I would like to get to a point where I come across a related challenge in a CTF and at least know where to start, where to go and how to complete it


Replace function and its derivatives by zero

If I try to replace the function u0 and its derivatives by zero in the following examplary expression

expr = t HeavisideTheta[0.174 +φ] - 1651.2 u0[t, φ] + 3293.841 t Derivative[0, 1][u0][t, φ]; expr/.u0->(0&) (*0. + t HeavisideTheta[0.174 + φ]*) 

Mathematica gives an output 0.+....

My question: How can I avoid this zero part 0.+ in the output(without using Chop) ? Thanks!