How did the Zhentarim get Cimbers’ blood?

In SKT page 156 it says the Zhentarim forged an alliance with Jarl Storvald. Storval wants to find Artus Cimber. The Zhentarim will help him by giving him a droplet of blood of Cimber.

How did they get this drop of blood? Why do they have it in their possession? I’m probably missing something very obvious here, because it sounds very strange to me that they happen to have a droplet of blood of a random person on the continent.

In case they retrieved it from Cimber after learning that Storvald wanted him, then they also simply could have told him where he was, or capture him themselves.

How would the Zhentarim try to recruit a party?

My party has unknowingly done a large favor for an important member of the Zhentarim by rescuing his daughter. They don’t know he is a member of the Zhentarim, and did the rescue for selfless reasons. The Zhentarim wizard is high enough up to know about some previous adventures that the party did for allies of the Zhentarim. How would the Zhentarim try to recruit the party?

For background the adventures are set in the 1350s DR, so this is the really evil Zhentarim as noted by Ed Greenwood as @TheEdVerse, not the kind of shady faction of the 1490s DR. The party members are mostly from Shadowdale though they’ve spent a lot of time in Daggerdale and are currently in Zhentil Keep itself. The party is made up of mostly good aligned characters who have been quietly working to oppose the Zhentarim, while publicly taking some missions from Zhentarim allies. I’ve been aiming for more of the people are the real monsters feel of adventures like The Doom of Daggerdale than the classic hack and slash of In Search of the Unknown.

Is Zhent just the term for any member of the Zhentarim?

I’m starting to get confused by the term “Zhent” as I read it, and how it is used. Is it just a term for any member of the Zhentarim?

I attempted to look this up myself in the Forgotten Realms Style Guide that’s part of the DMs Guild Creator Resources, and in the list of “Location Adjectives” on pages 17–18, and it lists these:

  • Zhentil Keep: Zhent (people), Zhentish (stuff)
  • Zentarim: Zhentarian (stuff), Zhentilar (people; soldiers)

Now I’m not sure how much to trust this, as I’m assuming “Zentarim” is a typo for “Zhentarim” (and I’ve seen plenty of other typos in the document), but I can’t find any references to “Zhentarian” or “Zhentilar” anywhere.

But it is just some specific members of the Zhentarim (like those from Zhentil Keep) that are called “Zhent”, or is it a generic term for any member of the faction?

How are the Zhentarim and Black Fist related?

As far as I can gather, the Order of the Black Fist is Phlan’s ostensibly – but perhaps not actively practicing – Banite military. The Zhentarim – AKA The Black Network – at one point were worshippers of Bane, but now seem to be a large mercenary network with no overt religious ties:

What is the relationship between the Black Fist and the Zhentarim?
Is the Black Fist just an offshoot of the Zhentarim?
Is there an overlap between members?
Or are they just now two completely separate organisations that for a time worshipped the same god?

Do the Zhentarim fire members for killing fellow members?

A PC became a member of the Zhentarim and two weeks later killed another one.

I don’t know if there are rules within the Zhentarim against killing fellow members. Would the Zhentarim fire a PC member who killed another Zhentarim?

He hid it from the other Zhentarim but after that was arrested by city guards. There was a trial and he was found guilty. He escaped from the punishment, but other Zhentarim were at the court and they know he is guilty.

Would the Zhentarim fire such a member? Or maybe they don’t consider it a problem?

Would it be suitable for Zhentarim to order PC member to find Arctus Simber in the Tomb of Annihilation adventure?

I am gonna to start D&D 5ed ToA adventure campaing for a group of 5th lvl PCs who just finished LMoP adventure. One of them (undead gnome wizard necromancer) is a member of Zhentarim (Halia invited him to).

In ToA there is a plot hook about Zhentarim looking for an Arctus Simber.

Question: would it be possible to Zhentarim agents to find PC member of Zhentarim and order him to track Arctus? Or maybe they should act in another way to do so?