What conditions must be met in order to upload .zip file to a multisite WordPress installation?

I cannot upload .zip files to my WordPress network, despite making IMHO everything that is needed. I am still hit by this irritating error.

enter image description here


  1. I am a super-admin in my network.
  2. The ALLOW_UNFILTERED_UPLOADS flag is set to true
  3. Custom hook of $ existing_mimes['zip'] = 'application/zip'; is added
  4. Uploading .zip files is allowed in my network:

enter image description here

Here is entire code of my hook:

function so_387865_custom_upload_mimes ( $  existing_mimes ) {     $  existing_mimes['epub'] = 'application/epub+zip';     $  existing_mimes['mobi'] = 'application/x-mobipocket-ebook';     $  existing_mimes['zip'] = 'application/zip';       return $  existing_mimes; }   add_filter('upload_mimes', 'so_387865_custom_upload_mimes'); 

I thought that maybe there’s something wrong with the hook, so I have installed the Enhanced Media Library extension (as suggested in here). All for nothing, as it clearly shows that this MIME type is added:

enter image description here

What else should I do in order to be able to upload .zip files? I am seriously lost!

Installing .zip file for Screen Recording with “Internal only audio” with ScreenCam app on Android X86

I need to record my screen with internal only audio. I am running PrimeOS (which is probably based on Android X-86) on a laptop (Dell) which I have triple booted alongside Ubuntu and Ubuntu Budgie. I have enabled root for PrimeOS from the Settings.

What I have tried:

  1. Acorrding to this article

    • I tried Mobizen app from the Play Store, but It didn’t have the option to record Internal Audio.
    • Then I installed RecMe app, which required me to install Internal Audio Plugin. I enabled the plugin, then rebooted. Then started the RecMe app, selected Internal only audio source and then clicked the record button. But it says,

      Audio error: Your device does not seem compatible. Please go to audio settings and try to change audio source.

      After I change the Audio source to Internal + Mic, the sound is not clear and there is a lots of background noise. Also, I cannot physically remove the mic.

  2. After that, I followed this guide,

    • I had alredy tried the “Alternative Method 1” above, which was mentioned in the guide, by using RecMe, so I also tried opening Internal Audio Plugin and RecMe one after other, as mentioned, which didn’t worked.
    • Then I tried installing the ScreenCam Screen Recorder. But to record Internal Audio with that, I need to install a magisk module which is a zip file. So, to install the zip file, I installed the official twrp app from the Play Store. But when I go to select device, I am not able to find my device in the list (as I am running a laptop). So, I read this question about how to install flashable zips but the answers seem to explain how to install Xposed framework which is difficult to understand for me. In this case I would like to know how to flash the magisk module (without using twrp or adb as they are meant for phones).

I would like to get a step-by-step solution for screen recording with internal only audio.

Hacking a password-protected .zip file


I have a password-protected .zip file which I've lost its password during a system crash (the password was stored in a text file).
The problem is that the password (as I do remember) was a random alphanumeric string with a length of 10+ chars (can't really be exact on this but I'm pretty sure it's 10+), so a brute password hack may take months :(

Is there any efficient way I can crack this password?

7z – .bat file which creates a .zip containing all files with an specific string in its filename

Good day, and thanks in advance for reading.

I have a folder containing an entire volume of a comic book, 9 chapters in total, with both .png and .jpg files.

Each filename is [Series Name] c*** v**.png

I want to make a batch file which compresses all files of a specific chapter in a zip file called Chapter ***.zip, regardless of filetype.

Thanks again, and apologies for the request.