Hacking a password-protected .zip file


I have a password-protected .zip file which I've lost its password during a system crash (the password was stored in a text file).
The problem is that the password (as I do remember) was a random alphanumeric string with a length of 10+ chars (can't really be exact on this but I'm pretty sure it's 10+), so a brute password hack may take months :(

Is there any efficient way I can crack this password?

7z – .bat file which creates a .zip containing all files with an specific string in its filename

Good day, and thanks in advance for reading.

I have a folder containing an entire volume of a comic book, 9 chapters in total, with both .png and .jpg files.

Each filename is [Series Name] c*** v**.png

I want to make a batch file which compresses all files of a specific chapter in a zip file called Chapter ***.zip, regardless of filetype.

Thanks again, and apologies for the request.