Taking an ESA on a day trip to Hawaii

Okay, so I have a tiny budget for a mini-vacation this year. Arrive in Honolulu HNL at around 7 AM on Day 1. Fly back around 11pm on Day 2. Basically ~40 hours in Hawaii.

I fly globally with my ESA – a well-behaved 20 lb corgi mix. We live in California.

I’m confused at the process of Hawaii for a dog to arrive there. There seems to be a 5 day quarantine process? My dog is up to date with all shots. Is there a minimum quarantine no matter what?

My dog has not been left alone in a cage since we rescued her at around 7 weeks old – she is now almost 2 years old. I don’t want to subject herself to quarantine. Also, I will not be there for more than a day, so the 5 day process wouldn’t work.

Is there no way to bring a dog to Hawaii on a day trip?