Talend for Data Integration Vs Informatica Power Center

I have worked on Informatica Power Center. I find Informatica as best ETL because its easy to work with transformations and it has seperate components ( Repository, Workflow for running jobs, Designer Studio (Mapping Designer, Source Analyser, Target Designer, Transformation Developer, Mapplet Designer) each serving specific purpose.

Whereas, In Talend I did not find ease in working with transformations aka components in Talend. Though, everythings wrapped up in one single pallette no seperate designers thing but its very difficult to work with. Even a small mapping like loading data from file to a table takes somewhat a long time to build.

        In  Talend      Source           (Built In (Manual and is            local)/            Repository (MetaData)   -> Tmap             (to map/transform/join two               or more sources)   ->  TDBOutput               (For this you need to                have a TDBConnection                 component as               well) 

This all looks a 1 or two step but configuring each and every time again and again takes time. Plus, suppose in addition to the above sequence of ids with checking in the target for duplicacy as well. It would become very difficult. I did search a lot to finally do it by Numeric.sequence... function in Expression Editor of rows in Tmap.

In Informatica, it is much more clear source -> lkp( target ) -> sequence generator – > target

So, Is is better to work with Talend or Informatica especially for ETL. I know that Talend generates java and Informatica generates Sql as the major difference. Any other difference in terms of data integration that makes Talend superior to Informatica