Taxonomy hide not working

I am trying to exclude a single term from my resource pages archive page. I have created a custom post type ‘resources’ and within that a custom taxonomy called additional_category. Within that I am tagging the post as gated or LEAP. I would like to hide the gated term from displaying on the archive page. I have the following code, but its not working as expected. Can anyone tell me where Im going wrong?

   $  some_args = array(                     'post_type'        => 'resources',                     'posts_per_page'   => -1,                     'tax_query' => array(                         array(                             'taxonomy' => 'additional_category',                             'terms' => 'gated',                             'field' => 'slug',                             'include_children' => false,                             'operator' => 'NOT IN'                         )                     ),                 );                      $  s = new WP_Query( $  some_args );                      while ( have_posts() ) :                     the_post();                          /*                      * Include the Post-Type-specific template for the content.                      * If you want to override th  is in a child theme, then include a file                  * called content-___.php (where ___ is the Post Type name) and that will be used instead.                  */                 get_template_part( 'modules/u3gm-content', get_post_type() );              endwhile;         ?>