Testing transfer of slave zone from master results in connection refused

I’m using bind9 with webmin to try and set up a dns secondary for our primary nameserver. I’m in what I assume should be a very simple situation but I’m not able to get the master to transfer zones to the slave.

I’ve configured the master to have the slave in the Webmin Server Index then configured it as a slave under Cluster Slave Servers, then configured allow_transfer on the master with the ip of the slave. iptables -nL shows ports 53 and 953 as open on both master and slave. netstat -lnpt shows named listening to 53 (on master and slave), yet when I run test transferring the records to the slave I get:

Testing transfer of slave zone from .. .. from :  Failed : ;; Connection to for  test.example.com failed: connection refused. 

Configs for zone on master .2

zone "test.example.com" {   type master;   file "/var/lib/bind/test.example.com.hosts";   notify yes;   allow-transfer {;     }; }; 

Configs for zone on slave .3

zone "test.example.com" {   type slave;   masters {;     };   file "/var/lib/bind/test.example.com.hosts";   allow-transfer {;     };   allow-update {;     }; }; 

I know I’m missing something, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

Thanks for any help