The characterization of a problem as PSPACE-complete is …?

Let’s assume that you found out that some problem $ \mathit{\Pi}$ is PSPACE-complete (with respect to your favorite kind of reductions, say, logspace reductions). However, as there are dozens of well-known and very different PSPACE-complete problems, this characterization doesn’t tell you much about the real hardness of deciding membership in $ \mathit{\Pi}$ (and you determine to refine the hardness of membership in $ \mathit{\Pi}$ further by some other means, i.e., different from the good old standard complexity classes). Now, how do you express in plain English the unsatisfactory fact that the PSPACE-completeness of $ \mathit{\Pi}$ doesn’t tell you too much? Do you say that the PSPACE-completeness characterization of $ \mathit{\Pi}$ is

  • coarse

  • coarse-grained

  • coarsely grained

  • coarsely granular

  • crude

  • gross

  • grainy

  • granular

  • rough

  • unrefined

  • … (your choice goes here) …


Which word is idiomatic?