The need for brand registration for companies

In the past, most businesses operated locally. In those years, stores were known by the names of their owners and sellers among customers and the public, and as a result, no one could copy anyone’s brand. For example, when a person sold dairy products in the market, everyone in his shop knew him as Mr. Falani Dairy, and as a result, no one could copy the trademark from him.
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With the passage of time and changes in the process of business culture, as well as changes in the way businesses buy and sell, the existence of so-called modern brands and brands replaced traditional names. At this time, business managers and owners did not care about brand registration and brand identity, but viewed brands only as a name.
In the last 50 years, with the advent of interdisciplinary sciences such as marketing management, there have been concepts called brand management or brand management. In addition to the visual dimension of the brand, this concept also includes the cognitive and identity dimension.
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Brand registration for companies
Brand registration
It is rare to see a manager who is unaware of the brand reputation. In developed countries such as Germany, the focus on the automotive industry has led to the growth and identity of a country in the minds of the world. So much so that a new concept called company registration of the country of origin has been achieved in the sciences of psychology and management. This means that every product in the minds of the people of the world is related to a country. For example, the car industry related to Germany or the kitchen machine industry related to Italy or the carpet industry in Iran is established for all people of the world.