The wonders for data science and python

     Data science involves the use of advanced math techniques, statistics, and big data. however, data science also involves helping you make smart decisions, creating suggestions for options based on previous choices, and making robots see objects.                                                                                                                                  in fact, people use data science in so many different ways that you literally can't look anywhere or do anything without feeling the effects of data science on your life.                                    in short , data science is the person behind the partition in the experience of the wonderment of technology.                                                                                           without data science, much of what you expect as typical and expected to-day would n't even be possible.[EXTRACT OF A BOOK-PYTHON FOR DATA SCIENCE FOR DUMMIES  BY JOHN PAUL MUELLER AND LUCA MASSARON}                                                                                   But I would like to know the match between data science and python, how to create the connection between Python and data science. as far as I know, python is a programming language.