Third party keyboard no longer recognized by OSX

I have a Func KB-460 mechanical keyboard which has been connected to my Macbook Pro (via USB) for a while now. This past week, it has stopped co-operating with OS X. I tried it on a friend’s Windows PC, and on another friend’s Macbook Air. It works fine on the PC but not on both of the Macs I’ve tested. It shows up under About this Mac > System Report > Hardware > USB as “Gaming Keyboard” but produces no input and does not work when I try to set it up with keyboard setup assistant (nothing happens when I press “z” when prompted to press the key to the right of the left shift).

The only thing that changed physically is that I cleaned the keyboard (but was careful not to get it wet) about two weeks ago – but it worked just fine after, and I’m not sure why that would cause it to fail a week later. Not to mention that the issue seems to be Mac specific. Any help would be appreciated.