This question is for anyone who has read Introduction to Algorithms by MIT press 3rd edition – Exercises, how to make them easier?

I’m a student at a liberal arts college who has recently been taking classes at a tech school due to our schools cross-exchange program.

I did not do well last semester, so I have spent the summer educating myself. I learned C by doing all of the exercises in the previous book I read.

Now I’m doing something that a professor told me to do in a tech school, study algorithms in C. So, I bought a textbook Algorithms in C. But this textbook is asking me questions about algorithms I don’t fully grasp how to answer, so I cracked open Intro to Algorithms 3rd edition and resolved to get through Chapter 3 at least so I know how to analyze algorithms properly.

Here is the thing, I have been reading textbooks all summer, this is the third book I have gotten to, and it’s difficult. It’s difficult because, I don’t understand how to problem solve the questions in the book until I get to the answer key on the internet.

This isn’t good, and I need a method or a way of seeing this properly. Without the online answers guide, I would have never solved most of the questions in chapter 1 and 2. I understand them now, but I’d rather be able to get through them on my own.

Another question: Is it important to do every exercise in this book?