Timber\Image an image from another site in network

I have a multisite with one of the sites being a product catalog. In the ‘main site’ I have a setup with ACF with flexible content blocks. One of the blocks is a block which shows products (from another site in the network).

I have the post ids for the posts I want to retrieve from the product catalog so I get all ACF fields/post info with a function.

function get_product_info( $  product_id ) {     if ( false != $  product_id ) {         switch_to_blog( 11 );         $  fields = get_field_objects( $  product_id );         restore_current_blog();          return $  fields;     }      return false; } 

This gives me (almost) all info I need to output product info. The image which is used is stored in one of these fields which are returned.

I need a custom function to retrieve the (image) info since the info is otherwise retrieved from an image within the current site, instead of the product catalog. So I return the file location and then TimberImage that again to get a proper object. That seems to work but then size is ignored.

function get_product_image( $  image_id ) {     if ( false != $  image_id ) {         switch_to_blog( 11 );         $  image = new Timber\Image($  image_id);         restore_current_blog();          return $  image->guid;      }      return false; } 

Same goes for the permalink

function get_product_link( $  product_id ) {     if ( false != $  product_id ) {         switch_to_blog( 11 );         $  post = get_post( $  product_id );         $  link = get_permalink( $  post->ID );         restore_current_blog();          return $  link;      }      return false; } 

I use a macro for the images, which is defined as this.

{% macro image( image, size, fallback, alt, title, class ) %}     {% set fallback = fallback|default(0) %}     {% if image and image.src %}         <img src="{{ image.src(size) }}" alt="{{ image.alt }}" title="" />     {% elseif fallback %}         <img src="{{ fallback }}" alt="" title="" />     {% endif %} {% endmacro %} 

So my Twig file to output a product is as follows.

{% set product_info  = function( 'get_product_info', post.ID ) %} {% set product_image = TimberImage( function( 'get_product_image', product_info.catalogue_product_image.value.ID ) ) %} <div class="product-item">     <header>         {% if product_image %}             <figure class="media product__image">                 <a href="{{ function( 'get_product_link', post.ID ) }}">                     {{ macro.image( product_image, 'thumbnail', options.images.fallback_product_teaser, alt, title, class) }}                 </a>             </figure>         {% endif %}     </header>      <div class="product-item__content">         <h2 class="product-item__title">             <a href="{{ function( 'get_product_link', post.ID ) }}">                 {{ post.title }}             </a>         </h2>          {# more code which is not relevant #}     </div> </div> 

I have a few issues which puzzle me:

  1. I can’t seem to get a proper Timber object which allows me to properly echo its values like link, title, etc.
  2. if I don’t use TimberImage twice I don’t seem to get any image but the sizing of an image doesn’t work. It always shows full size.
  3. the permalink seems to ‘ignore’ the post type. The permalink of a products should be domain.com/product/product-slug but returns domain.com/product-slug. If I retrieve the permalink from within the product catalog, it does give me the correct link.

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