Time taken and fee to obtain UAE 48 hour transit visa at DXB

I have a 15-hour layover in Dubai and have booked a hotel in Dubai near Deira, but I’m yet to get a visa. I am planning to take advantage of the free 48-hour visa which was announced last year, as an Indian Citizen.

My concern is that my flight lands at 12AM on a Friday. I see the last metro train to Deira is at 1 AM. So I have two questions:

  1. Is it feasible to get transit visa, clear the airport and then get to the train station in an hour?

  2. I can book visa now itself via Emirates, but they charge a service fee of 25 USD although the visa fee itself costs nothing. Does anybody know if there is a service fee if we get the visa on the airport itself?

I see there are a few related questions here, but none mention about time and the service fee.