To Seasoned/Long-time DnD 5e & Pathfinder 2e players. Could someone simplify the “Major Differences” in style, system, players?

I know this is abit of a “wide net” question. I am currently switching over to 5e from years of activity (after 4e was released) from 3.5e.

I joined AL locally when I was getting back into DnD (5e now) but I am…. Slightly disappointed.

The mechanics seem secondary while the role-playing seems primary.

I’ve spent the last 13 years or so away from TT-RPG

I desire highly mechanical play with other players that are also “rules to their letter experts,” not self-styled “RP-actors”.

Is Pathfinder 2e the D&D akin system, currently is popular enough to find players, that fits my wants?

I have played D&D:Basic, Advanced, 2e, 3.5e, 4e (twice), 5e (about 10 times)

I have not played any version of Pathfinder