Tor Browser Won’t Work After Update

I am a novice, running Ubuntu 18.04LTS.

Tor Browser ran flawlessly, until the last update. From that point on, I would click on the launcher, and at best, 15 minutes later, a window would pop up saying that Tor needs to be downloaded and installed. Even after it was installed, I would click on the icons, and the browser wouldn’t start.

If I checked to see that Tor was installed, misc commands via the terminal would say that Tor was indeed installed – yet Tor didn’t work.

I wound up reinstalling the OS (due to an unrelated issue), and I am encountering the same problem. I purged the laptop of Tor, and reinstalled Tor, with no improvement. I have downloaded Tor via the website, and I have also downloaded Tor through the installation prompts (via Tor launcher), to no avail.

TIA for any help or assistance.