Touch Bar – Alternate Key Combination to Show App controls

Hope someone can help.

I have my touch configured like the following. This is basically the same setting that you got with the Mac Book Pros 2012 – 2015 as default.

enter image description here

I am a developer and use code editors so it’s very important to me that my function keys are the first class citizens on my keyboard. I also want access to the control strip for screen and volume control using the fn keys (How else can I easily get to these?).


So now how do I access the “App Controls” as well? Surly I should be able to configure say fn+option to give me these?

Finding this very frustrating, makes the touch bar seem even more pointless if I can only have the settings I was used to with a “Real” keyboard. Seems I have to give something up to use the touch bar’s app specific controls.