trying to create trigger, create never executes

I am trying to define a trigger in MySQL and the language to create it never executes. I have already defined and inserted data into the database with no problem.

This is the start of my trigger. As you can see I put some giberish in there to illustrate that this never executes because it produces no errors at all.

delimiter //  snthd\- \qeiksdhsnthd-/rcg dsth o;eui;r/cf/r \qk-xnthr/cf   CREATE TRIGGER deleted_insert ON item AFTER UPDATE,INSERT AS  BEGIN         ...etc body of trigger  END;  delimiter ; 

Executing this does absolutely nothing and does not return any output from the sql server. If I do not change the delimiter, then it does execute but produces a syntax error on the ‘ON’ keyword.

How can simply declare this trigger?