trying to hide a “0” value from a HTML display

enter image description hereIs there any way to hide an HTML field based on the displayed value of "0" I have an ecomm site that displays Quantity available with a numeric value. I only want to display the number if it is above "0" The values are populated from data base upload to the site. The "0" value is NOT an input field. so most codes I see have the solution with some sort of input condition code.

My site displays this: Call for Availability.0 If item has QTY above "0" it displays this: Qty On Hand: 1708 I need to remove the "0" and only display Call for Availability.

I have researched similar request on this forum and found all have answers using an input field. The problem is the "0" is not an input. It is an code generated inventory amount.

I have tried CSS to hide the value, but that hides ALL the values including above "0".

I can insert any form of code needed. Java, PHP, json, etc…

Here is a sample of actual code I have:

<div id="availabilityInfo" class="availabilityInfo">  <span class="availability-header">[product_Header-availability]</span> <span id="availability" class="product_availability availability-item">[availability]</span>  <span style="display: inline;" id="product_inventory">[stock] <span class="freeshipping availability-item"><!--[freeshipping]--></span>  </span></div> 

The [STOCK] tag is what brings in the qty value of "0"