Ubuntu 18.04 SSH VPS keeps disconnecting

I have a Virpus VPS that is running Ubuntu 18.04. Since I got it a couple weeks ago, I have been having trouble staying connected via SSH. I am able to connect just fine, but it will seemingly randomly disconnect (at different intervals). After being disconnected, I usually have to wait a minute for it to allow me back in. I’ve used screen to keep my screen session up, and once I get in I can reattach to the screen without issues.

I have tested it on two different networks on two different computers, both running Windows 10. I have tried using Putty, WinSCP, a Python SSH library called paramiko, and Git Bash for Windows. All with the same results. I have tried SSH-ing into different user accounts, but the issue persists. I have even tried on my phone (Android 6) using ConnectBot. No luck.

Putty says: “Network error: Software caused connection abort”

The Virpus support team says my SSH settings are fine and that they were able to keep a connection (on a Linux box) for at least an hour without problem, after which they manually disconnected. In other words, they can’t replicate the problem.

In an attempt to solve the issue, they changed the public IP of the server, but this didn’t fix it. Their next step was to redeploy to another node, which seemed to work for a little bit, but now I’m still having the same issue.

Does anyone have an suggestions? I can post any config info that you ask for, I just don’t know what to post.