Ubuntu 19.04 installed into WSL “Windows System for Linux” on Win10 host – How? Will it run Graphics intensive programs?

The current Windows Store App “Ubuntu 18.04LTS” is just a “Terminal” version and less than 2gb. It does not run graphic intensive applications (opengl) like OpenCPN and it does not have a graphic interface.

Is there a way to “upgrade” to the full version of Ubuntu 18.04LTS or install Ubuntu 19.04 on WSL? Will everything work?


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It appears that this June there will be a new Windows Store app for Ubuntu 19.04 using WSL2. However I believe this Store app is just for the “Windows Terminal” version and not the full version. Just going to a Vbox install might be much easier?

Will I be able to install a full version of Ubuntu 18.04LTS or preferably Ubuntu 19.04 and run OpenCPN in WSL2 this June when Ubuntu 19.04 is available on the Windows Store?