Ubuntu bug unreportable due to truncated core dump. How to fix?

Sometimes after logging in I get a message saying:

Sorry, Ubuntu 19.04 has experienced an internal error.

Send problem report to the developers?

I always click Send, but don’t think it really works for me. If I click Show Details before that, I see:

ExecutablePath: /usr/bin/dbus-daemon UnreportableReason: Invalid core dump: BFD: warning: /tmp/apport_core_3znvp3mb is truncated: expected core file size >= 2981888, found: 61440

The information seems to come from /var/crash/_usr_bin_dbus-daemon.1000.crash. I saw a similar discussion on a mailing list and I checked:

  • /var/log/apport.log is empty
  • /tmp is not full (has 6.8G available)
  • ulimit -c is 0

What could be cause for the truncated core dump?