Ubuntu Files application seems to block main thread on network activity

I’m trying to investigate a persistent problem in the “Files” application.

(is there a better name for this app? searching for Files comes up lots of generic hits)

I have autofs mounting sshfs when I open /mnt/net/servername.

The Files application often locks up on such folders and when copying files to these folders, Files seems to support multiple concurrent copies, but since it locks up often this is not possible to copy more than one file at a time and browsing files is not possible when a copy is in nprogress. The UI seems to lock up for much longer than a comparable operation in the CLI e.g.

ssh servername ls 


cd /mnt/net/servername; ls 

I would expect a UI to generally do IO/network calls in an async call or background thread.

Interested to look at the code if someone can point me to it.

> lsb_release -a LSB Version:    core-9.20170808ubuntu1-noarch:security-9.20170808ubuntu1-noarch Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description:    Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS Release:    18.04 Codename:   bionic 

Its been going on since upgrading to latest LTS and a few apt updates has not fixed.