Ubuntu/Gnome3 doesn’t directly go to sleep (after being instructed to do so) anymore?

So, I’m using Ubuntu 18.04, with Ubuntu desktop (I guess):


I’m also using this extension:

  • https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/826/suspend-button/

So, up to a month or so ago, if I clicked this suspend (“pause”) button, the system would just go to sleep, no questions asked – as I expected it to. Then when the system woke up for sleep, I would have been presented with a login screen, where I’d have to enter my password, to go back to the desktop,

In the past few weeks, though, when I click the suspend button, first I’m taken to the login screen, and then nothing happens. So, I have to “drag” the login screen, then enter my password (as when I log in) – and only then does the system go to sleep. Then when the system wakes up from sleep – I’m directly taken to the desktop, without being prompted for a password beforehand.

It seems something “crossed the wires” in the system, so it asks for the password – the one it should ask for upon wake up – right before the system goes to sleep…

Does anyone have an idea what possibly could have broken the original behavior – and more importantly, how can I restore the original sleep behavior?

EDIT: note that sudo pm-suspend works – but it doesn’t raise/deal with password prompts anyways..