Ubuntu not booting after BIOS update boot-repair disk fail

complete Linux noob here.

I’ve been struggling with getting my Ubuntu boot up and running after a bios update.

After the update when booting windows i got the error message INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DRIVE which somehow resolved it self through the windows recovery tools.

When booting Ubuntu I get dropping to shell message, along with error message telling me that the UUID of my boot doesn’t exist.

I just tried to use the boot-repair disk however it doesn’t show the recommended repair option for me hence I took a log http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/NCVjn5g9jp.

I read on a forum (cant find the link right now, I’ve read so many posts this week) that this might be related to the storage controller settings in BIOS. A user found a solution changing this setting to AHCI. Mine is set to RST right now although when trying to change it i’m prompted with a warning that it will delete all my data.

Any help would be very appreciated!