Ubuntu not working on asus zenbook UX48

I bought a new asus laptop. When I boot ubuntu 18.04 using USB stick, I get following problems:

  1. Touchpad does not work at all but mouse works
  2. Everytime I restart/turn off my laptop it freezes and I have to press and hold power button to turn of the laptop.

After installing ubuntu 18.04 using mouse since touchpad does not work, I get following problems

  1. When I click Restart/turn off, laptop completely freeze,
  2. Touchpad does not work
  3. Laptop freezes right after login and Login screen does not show at all, sometimes login screen shows but it completely frozen.

Is there anyway, to use Ubuntu on my laptop. This is a new laptop and I am completely frustrated. I think the nvidia 1050 graphics is also causing lots of problem.