UE4 MULTIPLAYER: how to Control Multiple Pawns without possesing them (RTS style)?

I am making a multiplayer RTS but i have problem being able to control spawned units (let’s call them Vessels), specifically moving them around with AI MoveTo bp.

Vessels can be created by both Clients and Server and are visible from everyone but neither clients nor Server can move Spanwed Vessels.

Only Vessels placed on map beforehand can be moved and ONLY by the Server.

Also server sees all Client CameraPawn movements and clients see Server CameraPawn movements BUT clients don’t see each other’s CameraPawn Movements (if this is related somehow…)

How can i control a pawn in multiplayer from all clients for starters ? How can i limit control to a specific controller ? Why "preplaced" Vessels work(move) for Server only ? 

FYI: I spend almost all day on the web about it and found nothing close to it. I get the feeling that either i am doing something wrong or understood something wrong…