Unable to boot into ubuntu live USB

I am trying to install ubuntu on my laptop (Aorus 15), but the USB key is not showing up in the boot menu no matter what I do. I’ve tried the following things:

  • Disabling secure boot
  • Enable USB BIOS Legacy Support
  • Installing the USB key with Rufus, Ubuntu’s “Startup Disk Creator”, dd, etcher, and UNetBootin
  • Tried different USB ports
  • Tried different USB devices
  • Tried different combinations of “MBR, GPT” and “FAT32, NTFS” on Rufus.
  • Updated laptop BIOS

Actually, there’s one way for it to show up. When I install my ISO on the usb key with rufus, using the configuration GPT & NTFS. Once I boot into grub fails, stating that the filesystem is unknown and then goes into rescue.

I’ve even tried to install it via PXE without success.

The BIOS barely shows any relevant options besides disabling secure mode and legacy mode.

I’ve installed Ubuntu and other distros dozens of times and it always went smoothly but this particular computer refuses to cooperate. Any clues on what it could be?