Unable to replicate Postgres tables using logical replication in RDS

Tables in the destination database are empty even after subscription is successful. I am extremely new to logical replication within Postgres. I am trying to replicate three tables from the source database to the destination database. These two databases are running on difference RDS instances

I followed the steps laid out on this link https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonRDS/latest/AuroraUserGuide/AuroraPostgreSQL.Replication.Logical.html

I have enabled replication across both the database instances by changing the parameter rds.logical_replication to 1 (enabled). The parameter groups are in sync after the restart.

On the source database, I created a publication

create publication master_data_publication for table tbl1, tbl2, tbl3;

On the destination I created a table with the same name and same columns and then created a subscription

create subscription master_data_sub CONNECTION 'host=sourcedbhost.some-code.some-region.rds.amazonaws.com port=5432 dbname=sourcedb user=sourceuser password=userpassword' publication master_data_publication;

if i run select * from pg_catalog.pg_stat_subscription;, it shows the following. enter image description here With this, we would assume that the replication should be working.

But the tables are shown to be completely empty.

On Source

select count(*) from tbl_1;  count -------      332 

On Destination

select count(*) from tbl_1;  count -------      0 

I am now stuck on how to proceed from here.