Unable to run JavaScript validation

My code is needs to validate all questions and submit only when each input has a selection.

What is currently happening is that the user is only alerted when there has not been a selection in the first question, even if the rest of the inputs are left empty. I am really unsure why that is and have tried rewriting this several times. My code (form and javascript) will be pasted below. Any help is appreciated. Please leave comments within the code so I can understand the changes you have made (I’m a beginner).

  <li><input type="button" value="Click" onclick="calcDate()"></li>                      <br/><br/>                     <li><label id="web">Do you ever think about how you would design a web page?</label></li>                     <li><input type="radio" value="no" name="rad1"/><span>No</span></li>                     <li><input type="radio" value="yes" name="rad2"/><span>Yes</span></li>                     <li><label for="prior">Which the following are your main priorities? If none, select N/A</label></li>                     <li><select name="prior">                         <option selected="" value="Default">**Please select one of the following**</option>                         <option value="ux">Ease of Use</option>                         <option value="inter">Graphics & Content</option>                         <option value="data">The Data Collected</option>                         <option value="secure">Securing the site from possible attacks</option>                         <option value="pm">Overseeing the creation of software</option>                         <option value="none">None</option>                                           </select>                     </li>                     <li><label id="res">Do you enjoy conducting research, asking questions, and building reports?</label></li>                     <li><input type="radio" value="no" name="rad3"/><span>No</span></li>                     <li><input type="radio" value="yes" name="rad4"/><span>Yes</span></li>                     <li><label for="text1">Does hacking a system or stopping a system from being hacked sound interesting to you? Type Yes or No:</label></li>                     <li><textarea name="text1" id="text1" maxlength="3"></textarea></li>                     <li><input type="submit" value="Finished!" onsubmit="return validateForm()"></li>                     <li><input type="reset" id="reset"></li>      //form validation     function validateForm()      {         //creating variables         var radio1 = document.quiz.rad1;         var radio2 = document.quiz.rad2;         var valOps = document.quiz.prior;         var radio3 = document.quiz.rad3;         var radio4 = document.quiz.rad4;         var tx1 = document.quiz.text1;         //calling functions         vWebRes(radio1, radio2, radio3, radio4);         valOps(prior);         vData(radio3, radio4);         vLength(tx1);         vCheck2(Text);              if (vWebRes(radio1, radio2, radio3, radio4)) {                 if (valOps(prior)) {                     if (vData(radio3, radio4)) {                         if (vLength(tx1)) {                             if (vCheck2(tx1)) {                             return false;                         }                     }                 }             }         }           //validating radio buttons         function vWebRes(radio1, radio2)         {             x=0;             if ((radio1.checked) || (radio2.checked)) {                 x++;             }             if (x==0) {                 alert('You forgot a question!')                 radio1.focus();                 return false;             }             else {                 return true;             }         }         //validating checkbox options         function valOps(prior) {             if (prior.value == "Default") {                 alert('Select an option from the drop-down menu');                 prior.focus();                 return false;             }             else {                 return true;             }         }         //validation question 3         function vData(radio3, radio4) {             z=0;             if ((radio3.checked) || (radio4.checked)) {                 z++;             }             if (z==0){                 alert('You forgot a question!')                 radio3.focus();                 return false;             }             else {                 return true;             }         }          //validating text length         function vLength(tx1) {             var txLength = tx1.value.length;             if (txLength > 3) {                 alert("That is an incorrect entry, try again.");                 tx1.focus();                 return false;             }             else {                 return true;             }         }         //validating text entry         function vCheck2(tx1) {             if ((tx1 == "Yes" || tx1 == "yes") || (tx1 == "No" || tx1 == "no")) {                 tx1.focus();                 return true;             }             else {                 alert('You entered an incorrect value, try again')                 tx1.focus();                 return false;             }         }     }